Rainbow Colors in the Blue Ice Palace

by Trude Xanders


From “The Rainbow Lady” of “The Blue Ice Palace”:
Trude Xanders, 18th October 2012

As I continue to awaken to the beautiful reality of the gift of color, its healing and its pleasure, I remain amazed at my own power to create new and wondrous possibilities. In this brief space, it is my honor to share with you how I have shifted the vibrations in our home and garden to give testimony to the power of color vibrations. This Dissertation, therefore, represents a summation of my Color Practicum straight from personal turf.

In this Universe, Life is a Grand Journey and passage. In its flow, we experience countless comings and goings, many of which mark true turning points. I lived physically and psychically close with my mother for most of my years. When she passed at the age of 89, I felt my life pass as well into another dimension. I released what had been for so long, and at the same time embraced a new world. At last I felt free to go in my own direction, and this included my love of metaphysical study and application. I found myself especially drawn to the realms of crystals and color.

Part of my honoring my mother included taking the home she left and transforming it into a space in which I could live joyously, in quiet grace. After I had done a thorough housecleaning and given the domicile a determined space clearing, I indulged my Imagination with how I could fill this nest with the healing power of color. For each room of the house, I designed a template based upon my research into the color realm and proceeded to open all of its spaces to the Divine Palette ~ in concert with what energies called to me and felt so very right.

I am deeply blessed to have been born and raised in cosmopolitan San Francisco, California, which is a most Magical City poised atop magnificent hills. The many neighborhoods offer diverse regions, each with its own character, color and history. In my enclave of the Sunset District near the ocean, the streets are lined with houses of every size and shape…and all the colors of the rainbow bloom upon them.

When I was a growing girl many moons ago, after World War II, the surrounding landscape of the Avenues, built upon the sand dunes, appeared quite bland. Most of the houses were painted in safe neutrals, with beige tones and grays predominating. This theme carried over into the interior design of the homes, where the residents found haven in muted color schemes. Until my mother passed, I lived for decades in a sea of colorless sameness…until the 1960s, when different colors started to bloom upon the exterior…but not (yet) within our own walls.

Our house is now painted a refreshing light sky blue with its lace-curtain windows trimmed crisply in white (We christened it our “Blue Ice Palace.”) It has happily sat in the middle of the block for nearly an entire century, and I have lived in it for half of that time and been an eyewitness to countless changes.

So it was that, upon my mother’s passing, I decided upon a revolution in the sphere that now belonged to me. I set about immediately to transform the energy of the entire house, and I did so with bold abandon…from walls to carpeting, décor, and all in between! By the time the painter was done, I had a conversation piece… our very own Color Palace in the Avenues! I decided if I were truly the Rainbow energetically, then my personal kingdom could surely reflect this delight. So now to the spectrum of this domestic colorscape:

The center of our home is the dining room, and peach tones warm this room. The hallway and welcoming space is also dressed in muted orange with tangerine accents. Softly apricot throughout…I wanted to feel the essence of summertime at the center…with nuances of harvest time embedded.

An adjacent kitchen appears all in sunny yellows and gold. Pastel Beatrix Potter posters grace all the cupboards and give it a “happy-to-be” /Home Sweet Home aura. Morning light filters in via a high window, pouring right over a sill of violets, which accent the room with their panoply of hues.

Next to the kitchen is a nook where I slept as a baby. It is now my red office. The walls of my Crimson Headquarters ever enliven me as I kindle all my ideas in this space, furiously typing away as I tap the keyboard as a lively writer. My Coral Muse thrives in this glowing garnet geranium space, following her expressive impulses.

Opposite my office is the bath, all in aqua with silver accents to transport me to a different creative space where the Mermaids play. This room is truly my sanctuary and when I am there, I relish the tranquility and enjoy my favorite colors from the turquoise realm.

Two bedrooms at back overlook the garden. The first is mint green, reminiscent of childhood days and restful times. Fern and white lace curtains frame the windows, while the prisms of a high chandelier catch the light and disperses the healing vibrations of the green ray throughout.

The companion bedroom is appareled in delicate lavender hues with ceiling and walls in several shades of lilac and periwinkle. We find this very soothing…and the dark wood of the cherry furnishings provides a perfect complement. This transports us back to yesteryear and provides a great space for dreaming and imaginative indulgence.

The front of the house facing the street contains the living room, oriented toward the Pacific. I wanted to bring this oceanic feeling into the room, so each of the two main walls I chose seaspray colors, one soft ocean blue and the other a serene seagreen blue. Windows span the front, with their fresh white lace lending an old-fashioned touch from the outside. From the interior, I think of them as whitecaps upon the moving sea. The fireplace wall I did in sandy tones of tan, perhaps to preserve psychically the cozy hearth energy which had stood for so many decades.

Finally: Leading down to the basement, the finishing touch: An outstanding orchid porch with a stairway of bright lavender steps…with the diligent painter’s jubilance manifested through a purposeful handprint, a signature in plum, planted underneath them.

We enjoy a small garden below, and we bring the flowers and fruits from it upstairs. Our vegetable Victory garden in combination with four fruit trees bring all the colors in, and my flower garden abundantly provides bouquets for each room. From the kitchen violets in every hue to the terrarium overlooking the Tea Rose Garden below, we enjoy the roses, lilies and blooms of every sort which perennially grace the place.

A true pleasure to have had you on this tour of our Color Palace, which suits me to a “Rainbow T”

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