Power of Quartz Dissertation on Self-Healing and Distant Healing

by Irina Dumitru


I am starting this summation with my own Self-Healing. My spirit was seriously damaged from my past lives and I had the guidance to make myself a powerful crystal grid to heal my spiritual abuse across lifetimes. I simply felt I needed something really super powerful and I am grateful I still use it until my spirit achieves full completion and unity. Spiritual abuse is the worst and I consider that all health issues come from the spiritual body. I have been always into health field and I felt on my own how all disturbances of the spiritual body manifest in all bodies: mental, emotional, etheric and physical. I am so happy that Crystal Healing is a holistic healing method and is extremely powerful. All we need in everything we want to achieve is Faith and Love, the main energies of divine creation.

I have been observing how magnificent it is to use symbolism in crystal grids. I chose the Antahkarana template. According to the given order of this amazing effective grid I used the following crystals: from 1 to 6, single terminated points as following: 1) White Howlite, 2) Fulgurite, 3) Amethyst, 4) Sodalite, 5) Fulgurite, 6) Clear Quartz and 7) Master Charging crystal a sphere of Rose Quartz

My spirit chose these amazing crystals for creating a special unified field with Universe to bring divine light in my superior chakras and upper bodies. Fulgurite is my special crystal that is so helping in manifestation. It nurtures my soul and heart. I simply felt to use Rose Quartz as master charging crystal because I felt that secret services were casting black magic and voodoo using spheres and pyramids. I had no idea until 2 months ago that I was under direct control of many secret services and that my apartment had been spied on for so long. I was under their control from birth till recently. There still are some programs but clearing and healing. It is quite sad to discover that 32 years I had no privacy and so much abuse. But this is my karma, to heal my past life and other lives and to learn to master my energy, to stay connected to the divine source, to trust in my divine skills and stand in my power. I am working so intense to heal this pattern and to feel my own freedom. It was so very difficult. I hope to pass soon this karmic challenge. Too much was way too much.

It has been more than a month since I made it and I released a lot of their programs since the very beginning. I had awful pains in my base and sacral chakra and also heart and crown. My ovaries were hurting a lot almost like shouting out of so much pain that I endured. I had those pains for almost two weeks.

I have been feeling more joyful and fine for the last 10 days and I simply marvel at this grid how powerful it is and I bless and nurture it every day by charging it with Selenite for an hour.

I feel so much gratitude and love for purchasing your course and healing my spirit. It really saved my life and I mean it from my heart, soul and my whole beingness.

Secret services revealed me I have medium abilities and this is my dharma to stand in my power for mastering this karmic lesson. My soul felt its own need for purification to achieving high levels of clarity.

I was careful before working with clients as I knew something was happening---they planted me viruses to have as clients their employees---enough for more psychic attacks. I still have to be very careful.

Third Party Sessions - Distant Healing

As I stated in my angelic dissertation for the course The Way of The Archangels, I intend to work on distant healing sessions. I am going to work only with clients that have at least a minimum degree of faith. Faith is everything in healing. Love is the direct basic force that creates any kind of healing, no matter what disease or imbalance is present.

Basically, I was interested to find awesome techniques to be integrated in healing sessions.

I have made myself, as for my own healing plan like best techniques to use in sessions. So I am proposing to use my own template to work with clients and see them achieving optimum health. As above, so below.

I am starting by using the light invocation for three times, which you provided in the course. It is so magnificent!

Then I cleanse, clear and balance the aura using the clear quartz point in my dominant hand method. Sweeping upwards in a spiral, pause than spiral back, for the backside for each chakra from crown to the base. I find it very powerful, easy and effective.
Running Energy is the best technique I‘ve found so far to dissolve any issue the client might have. Using the mind’s eye is to simply allow imagination and intuition to allow balanced energy to flow and wash away all blocks, being replaced with divine love to restore and create optimal well-being. I simply feel that this technique can help in clearing and healing most issues a client may have. It can be used not only for balancing the brain.

As we are microcosm connected to the whole macrocosm, I intend to help the client to achieve being in alignment with the whole universe by using the ancient AO technique used in Hawaiian ancient tradition. I find it also powerful and efficient.

Then I Intend to end with balancing the brain hemispheres as it is well-known that a great health is achieved when our hemispheres are in sync. The technique to use two clear quartz crystal points on the top of the ears is easy and powerful.
I feel this is the diagram I have to follow to assist my clients in their own healing.

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