Negative Emotions!

by W

I am trying to help people in the energy cleansing process and I want to provide accurate information on what negative emotions are made up of..

What are negative emotions actually? Is it negative magnetically charged energy?

Dear W,

There are so many definitions of emotions out there. To put it simply, emotions are what make us alive. It gives us our human nature.

It is not just fleeting feelings, but rather state changes which affect our whole being. Emotions are pretty complex and they link thoughts, feelings and actions together.

Emotions lead to changes in our mental and physiological states such as heart beat, breathing etc. It affects your biological states and electro-chemical reactions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it comes from both internally and externally.

Emotions arise in response to external happenings but the manner of the response is driven internally.

Take lightning for example. When there is a thunderstorm happening, one person may be afraid of the lightning, while another may feel in awe of its power and energy.

Both emotions originated in response to the lightning, but the type of emotions they felt came from within.

So the bottom line is, no matter what's going on externally, you are still the source of the emotion you feel.

Go to the following link to get a FREE E-Book that will give you good insight:

FREE Emotions E-Book

The following is an absolute HAVE TO HAVE when working with emotions and one of the best I have found on the origins of emotions:

Origins of Emotions

Hope you find the above helpful.

Walk in love and light

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Oct 15, 2015
by: Nina

This could be a though task. Some people are so stuck up in their own ways that it's almost impossible to make them realize they're doing something wrong.

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