Mother Earth is Cleaning Up... cause we can't!

by Carolyn Thompson

My mind has been leading me to all kinds of reads, videos, and information on our pole shifting, not because there would/will be one or one big reversal, but more metaphorically showing me how our minds are being led to our authentic selves. Magnetism holds many mysteries, the most interesting is how we store information on our computers…there is no paper, just energy, and yet the information is there. Our minds are similar and just as affected by movements in our earth.

Now our minds are so much more complex and also respond to electrical impulsing, so I cannot fully make a simple metaphor out of all that I am lead to distill. Yet these shifts are affecting our minds ability to store old information, or unstore!

My mind also sees all earthquakes metaphorically; as land masses get pushed up upon each other or pulled away (like the New Madrid); our ideas about life also collide and spread out, causing us to reorder our thinking. My heart senses an order and harmony within the chaos and confusion of the actions of these elements upon our lives. Cosmic rays, solar radiations lighting us up as they penetrate the earth and back up through our feet. New programming, new information filling the voids left behind.

In my quest for information, I came upon a place where fine tuned earth-sensitives know the ‘earths’ movement thoughts’, that is, the precursor to actual movements. It makes me feel so very physical and yet so very etherical. Physical in a sense that we can all feel anything, anywhere because we are one membrane, and etherical for we must create in the ethers first for it to transcend to the material. Its beauty and orchestry overwhelms me with love and humility. What if everyone could feel this Earth like the sensitive do? Would it change the way we relate to Earth?

When earthquakes occur, I do not look to the land of where it occurs, I look to the effect of it within each and every person on the planet. If we were to have a huge earthquake it is like a big bump, the mind collision, the shake up which changes one forever. I do not delight in the pains and suffering of others, and yet I respect its role in life as the teacher, one I am intimately acquainted with! Pain passes. Growth follows.

A seed must rupture to grow to the tall oak tree...the human egg within a woman must be ruptured in order for a baby to begin to form. Cracks and riffs, nothing needs to be contained to be secure. Rather, it is very natural and creates so much more than containment. Earth splits and ruptures, breathes and moves about... what is growing in all this?

What would we like to see grow from all this? We live on one planet, one contained field and yet spread around living in lands so diverse and unique. Each area of earth has been supporting the life of humans, animals and plants.

Earth needs our focus. Earth needs our respect. Her waters quench our thirst. Her body gives us all we need to live. Our earth is moving through some dynamic changes. It is not punishment or doom as shallow thoughts might conjure up, it is renewal. Earth has been stripped for profits, and used as a trash can. We were supposed to be her caretakers, and yet we now have so much pollution, toxic waste that we have proven we cannot handle our job. Who now gets to clean up Earth?


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