Light and Darkness

by Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno
(Sydney, Australia)


It is usually considered that Light and Love are the opposite of the Darkness and that all healing comes from the firmer two. I had experiences that taught me more about the relationship between those types of energies and how to work with them by honoring both as appropriate.


In 1989 I had a sudden strong heart pain, which I tried in vain to shift by tapping on my chest, laying hands to heal energetically and visualising. Puzzled, in my mind´s eye I looked at what was in my heart, and saw only endless blackness. Unlike any other pain that I had looked at before, it had no form, did not correspond to any person´s identity and was completely unresponsive when I tried to communicate with it.

Fearing that I would have a heart attack if my pain would continue (first 20 minutes of heart pain are angina attack; after that heart cells start dying, which is heart attack). I thought, "If the mountain does not come to Mohamed, he goes to the mountain," and in my mind I jumped into that blackness.

All pain disappeared instantly and I felt as though in a floating tank, supported from all sides by unconditional love, unlike ever before, even though I was always loved by my close ones.


A few years later I had an additional insight into what blackness might be. After an ordinary dream (about going in the morning to buy milk) I asked routinely, "Is there anything else that I need to understand about this dream?" To my surprise, I heard in my mind, "Yes! You need to know that the black holes of the Universe are so full of light that their gravity does not allow it to come out." I could not see any connection with my dream, but now believe that Spirit decided to use my question to communicate with me when I was open to hearing anything that it might have to teach me.

Later on I spoke about that message to a friend who was doing his PhD on solar energy power, and he confirmed that was the latest scientific understanding of the black holes.


In my work as an energy reader and healer, I keep coming across black energy in my patients' diseased parts or uneasy mind and feelings. The darker the energy the more its original, lighter pattern has been suppressed, first by outer, interpersonal and transpersonal suppressive influences, then by the individual him/herself through their negative self-perception, for instance that they are unlovable or unable to love.

Energy and spiritual healing transform those dark, heavy, suppressed energies, restoring thereby the original healthy energy blueprint, including of Love and Light. Then the person mentioned above spontaneously changes his/her self-perception into being lovable and able to love, and soon manifests it in physical reality.


As a teenager, instead of my shiny childhood core, I saw there a black, bottomless abyss. It felt threatening to suck me down into itself to annihilate me, so I did not dare even look at it again.

Several decades later, after I learned to decode (read) the energies in my own cellular and auric memory, I found out that this black abyss was the energy of my father´s suppressed Authentic Self, which I took in from his subconscious by looking up to him and being very affectionate with him. Because I had already learned about healing black energies, I healed this one too.

That contributed to me becoming more poised, feeling safe, moving from poverty to abundance consciousness, and manifesting it.


While some people can accept light healing straight away, there are those who can not. If in their past life they have been burned at the stake by inquisition people fear light and cannot accept light healing. They say they need to hide from being violated in soft, deep darkness, and to be understood, supported and healed there before accepting to venture out into the light and benefit from light healing.

I understand that from personal re-living of my past life as inquisition´s victim. In a spontaneous vision, I felt safe only by hiding in the dark cave. After patiently experiencing that state, I slowly started feeling safe enough to venture out into the sunlit forest clearing. Then all of a sudden I found myself as a tiny being laying safely in the lap of a huge Light Being (which felt like God Father), in the embrace of His Unconditional Love and Light.

In some people, who have been extremely violated in their lifetimes, suppressed and therefore dark energies can contain meanness and evil thoughts and feelings, and incite them to be violent or otherwise criminal. Judging them and their dark energies does not resolve anything. Healing does help them to become more humane again.


All those experiences taught me that there is time and space for both Light and Darkness in our lives and in the healing process, which needs to be unconditional, appropriately discerning and without any judgement.

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