I will bring this experience to my death bed!

by Anonymous

In 1978 I was 17 years old.

I started to inwardly ask questions about life as many of us do at an early age.

I asked specifically to the Father during prayer "Father what is life all about, are you real and if so, please show me or a sign".

Within a few days while lying down in bed (but very awake) before going to sleep, I started to feel an eerie feeling, as if my body was growing in size.

At the young age of 17, that feeling was a little spooky, so I would get up from bed and walk around my bedroom and try to go to sleep again (and then I would fall asleep).

The second night once again while lying down but haven't fell asleep, I started to feel that sensation again. As if I was growing in size. A sensation as if I was growing bigger than my room then bigger than the house.

Again that feeling spooked me therefore I got up from bed and started to walk around the room.

Afterward within a few minutes I went back to bed and fell asleep.

This happened for many nights.

After a week or so had passed and on one particular night as I was getting ready for bed (while laying down but not asleep) I asked the Father "Father I don't know what is going on with these sensations when I try to go to sleep but if it happens again I will not stop it by getting up from bed but ask that you be with me throughout the whole experience? after a few minutes had passed I began to feel that growing feeling again.

The following is exactly what took place.

After my prayer to the Father, I started to feel like I was growing in size, bigger and bigger and bigger and felt bigger than the bedroom, as the experience continued I found myself hovering over the house (and felt bigger than the house) I then found myself hovering over my city, I could see all the buildings and city lights under me.

As the experience continued (but this time I was not fearful because I knew the Father was with me). I then continued to rise into the sky, over the clouds and found myself in space.

I could see the earth and other planets.

I went to Saturn and sat on the ring surrounding the planet. I then began (by choice) to rise again into space and all of a sudden a figure presented itself in front of me.

The figure resembled the contour of a physical body with what appeared to be old fashion Christmas lights surrounding it.

I couldn't see eyes, ears or any of those body parts, just a figure with a human shape with colored lights surrounding its body.

The figure spoke to me but not in English language but somehow telepathically by feelings, asking me if I wanted to go deeper and I said yes.

Then all of a sudden two other figures appeared and found myself staring at three figures surrounded by different colored lights.

I was then asked by one of them if I wanted to go deeper and I said yes.

At this point I could hear orchestral music, the most beautiful music but not earthly.

I felt so much love with these three figures.

At this moment I was asked once again if I wanted to go deeper and I said no.

I said no because in spite of all this taking place I was also aware that my physical body was trembling in my bed and my heart was racing so fast accompanied with wet perspiration from head to toe.

I then sat up on my bed touching my body parts reminding myself that this experience actually happened and was very real.

I stood up and went to my bedroom mirror and laughed at myself so much.

I then went back to bed and fell asleep.

I had to keep this experience to myself because my parents and others would have thought I was ready for the nut house.

After a few years had passed, I befriended a family up the street from where I lived and stared to date one of the daughters.

The complete family were meditators and vegetarians.

I divulged my experience to them and they directed me to a man who lived 300 miles away from the city of Toronto Ontario who could tell me exactly what took place and why.

The man was a master meditator. He had told me the following in these exact words.

"Billy for some time you had been asking the Father what is life all about.

Your sincerity and strong desire to know caught the attention of your guardian forces.

They tried to give you this experience but you where afraid in the beginning.

Alas you went with the flow and your teachers showed you wonders of the universe and the beautiful celestial music.

The laughter and joy you felt afterward, your teachers showed you that this is what life is all about.

I finally had an explanation that made all sense and up until this day the experience is as vivid in my mind as it was 32 years ago.

I have never had an experience like that again except last week (April 2nd 2011) while laying in bed and meditating I experienced a beautiful lady hovering on top of me extending her hand to me.

I said to her, take my hand, take my hand and don't let go.

These are the only two times in my life I have ever seen my guardian angels but feel them around me often.

My messages to you all, always love your guardian forces, teachers as they are and will be the best friends you will ever have.

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