Healing with the Archangels

by Mary Gates

The Archangels are indeed of high rank and God has sent them here to earth to help us with our healing and our ascension. The Heavenly beings are the “overseers of mankind and guardian angels”. The archangels are very large brilliantly lighted beings with tremendous love for us, unconditional love. They want us to be of love, in love and show love for ourselves and others. Each one of the archangels has a specific “duty” a specialty that they do that is representing God.

One of the seven most known Archangels, is Michael; called Lord Michael or St. Michael. He is associated with Truth, Integrity, Strength and Valor. He is the closest archangel to God, the First Ray, the Blue Ray; of purity and protection. Michael is pictured carrying a sword that cuts the negative and darkness that bind us. You may ask Archangel Michael to protect yourself when traveling, he will surround you with his blue light and you will arrive to your destination safely. You may ask him to shield you from all negativity and he does. You can ask him to cut the chords from others that have attached themselves to you in unhealthy means. He also cuts the chords from addictions of food and drink or unhealthy activities. Picture Michael with his brightly lighted sword cutting these black cords and you will feel lighter after it is done. Michael is associated with the Throat Chakra. When this energy center is open you are able to speak your mind with strength and integrity without fear. Carrying or meditating with a lapis lazuli crystal will keep you connected to Michael with your protection.

Archangel Raphael is the healer, and his name means “God heals.” Raphael is the Green Ray, the 5th Ray. He is Loving, Compassionate, Abundance, Harmonizing and Spiritual Sight. This loving archangel works with healers, physicians and travelers. Raphael loves to heal us when we ask him. He will surround us with his loving green energy and we are healed. He helps us heal ourselves by guiding us to certain books, websites, people and other healers so we can be healed. In some instances where the health condition persists, which may be karma or the soul’s choice he can work to ensure you with comfort and minimize your pain. Archangel Raphael can bring calmness into your life and comfort if you have lost a loved one. Raphael is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. This energy center is the spiritual vision, universal love, and healing and recovery chakra. Carrying and meditating with a green emerald will keep you connected to Raphael and his healing energy.

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of mercy and benevolence and his name means “the righteousness of God.” Zadkiel helps you heal emotional pain from your past. He works with you in releasing old anger and victimhood from your past so that you can move forward on your Divine life path. Zadkiel is the 7th Ray, the Violet Ray. His energy color is amethyst. Asking Zadkiel to help you in your spiritual growth, by releasing of painful memories and asking forgiveness of your self and of others. Archangel Zadkiel is the prayer and meditation angel. He can help you focus on prayer and meditation helping you to change the negative energy into a positive energy. If you are thinking a negative thought, ask Zadkiel to help you change that thought into a positive one. Zadkiel is associated with the Sacral Chakra. This chakra helps you recognize the importance of your mistakes, forgiving oneself, and having balance in life with the dissolution of negativity in your life. His crystal is the amethyst, a very powerful stone which raises your vibrations. This crystal is a protection stone, keeping you safe from negative energies. In carrying and meditating with this crystal you will be connected with Zadkiel and his energy.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger. His name means “the strength of God.” This archangel appeared to Mary and gave her the news that she would birth Jesus. There are other references in the bible of announcing joyful news to others. He brings happy messages to mankind. He is the White Ray, the 4th Ray. He will help you find the purpose of your life and help you take action towards your Divine life purpose. Gabriel is said to be either male of female and guides parents to conception, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of your children. He works with Mother Mary in guiding mothers in nurturing their children. Asking Archangel to help you become pregnant, adopt or have a safe birth he will come to your side. His colors are white and orange. He is associated with the Base Chakra, or Root Chakra. This chakra aids in grounding yourself and setting goals. You can call upon him to help you make decisions in moving to another home, change jobs, or receiving help and guidance with relationships. His crystal is a carnelian, a beautiful orange stone. Carrying this crystal or meditating with will help you feel the joy that emanates from him and protects you from negativity. You will stay connected to Gabriel and his guidance.

Archangel Uriel is the angel that lights our way. His name means: ”The Light of God.” Uriel, brings information to our minds. He gives us insights and ideas. He is the Ruby Ray, the 6th Ray. Call upon him to help you with solutions with challenges you may be having either in a work place, taking a test, or when writing. He will whisper these ideas in your ears and you will get a sense of “downloads” and this is Uriel giving you the guidance. Uriel helps you to create a safe and harmonious environment for yourself and your family. He can also help you with a sense of peace if you feel troubled. Call upon him if you feel troubled or anxious, or fearful as he can help you release the fear and anxiety so you can move forward with you purpose. Archangel Uriel can also help guide you with your conversations that you have with others especially if the person is very negative or has low self-esteem. Uriel will send enlightenment to your mind and guide your wording so that you can allow the person to feel better more at ease with themself. Archangel Uriel is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra aids in prosperity, abundance, wealth, balance, generosity, cleansing and vitality and inner peace. His crystal is the ruby with golden flecks, hence the ray of light. Carrying this stone keeps you protected from negative energies and keeps you balanced. Meditating with the ruby will keep you connected to Uriel who will enlighten you on your path.

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love and his name means: “One who sees God.” Since he is the one who sees God he has incredible vision and sees the connection between everyone and everything. He is the Pink Ray, the 3rd Ray. Chamuel uses his Heavenly vision to help you find inner peace and what you are seeking. Whether an item that is lost, a job, home or a loving relationship you can call upon Chamuel. No mission is too difficult for him as he likes to find for us when asked. He will help you find your life purpose as long it is for the highest good, and in alignment with you’re your higher self. Chamuel is associated with the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra is unconditional love of yourself and others. If you are unable to love yourself or others, call upon Chamuel and he will help you release the pain, despair, lack of forgiveness that is blocking your heart from experiencing love. Archangel Chamuel will help you with improving a relationship or he can help you let go of a relationship. Chamuel’s crystal is the love stone, the rose quartz. Carrying this stone and meditating with this lovely pink stone will help connect you with Chamuel and his unconditional love for self and others.

Archangel Jophiel is creative and brings beauty into our life. His name means: “Beauty of God.” Jophiel is also mentioned as a female counterpart. He helps you think beautiful thoughts which then attracts beauty into your life. Jophiel can help you shift your negative mindset into a positive one by simply thinking of him. When you ask Archangel Jophiel to help you beautify your life you will notice that you start discarding unwanted items either donating to charity or selling. If you need organization call upon him to help you organize your life, office, home or garden. He is the Yellow Ray, the 2nd Ray. When you help clear the clutter and become organized then you will have more clarity in your thoughts and will be more creative. He is the illumination, the awakening, and the inspiration. When you desire to be inspired call upon Jophiel and he will illuminate your thoughts to create the beauty all around you. He is associated with the Crown Chakra. His crystal is the citrine which is a stone that transmutes negativity and never needs to be cleansed. This crystal enhances the healing abilities in your body. Bringing wealth and balance to your life. In carrying this stone and meditating with the citrine you will connect to the loving energies of Jophiel and his illuminating light bringing much beauty and balance into your life.

I have found that by asking each archangel from the Seven Rays to help heal me was the most wonderful healing I could have ever done. In releasing the negativity from my past and present life I have been able to let go and let God. I now see my challenges as solutions, positive instead of the negative. These heavenly beings have opened my heart, opened my eyes, opened my chakras and let the blockages go and the energy flow. Thank you Archangels, for healing me.

Research from, Doreen Virtue’s Archangels 101
Research from, Healing Power of Angels by Ambika Wauters
Research from, The Way of The Angels by Elmarie Swartz

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