Healing With Reiki and Crystals

by Zoe
(London, UK.)

Raku for Grounding.

Raku for Grounding.

In my Reiki healing practice I've started working with crystals and have had some awesome experiences.

A few months ago I attended a Crystal Healing Workshop and would like to share a technique with you that was shown to us and that I use regularly and I've had some truly amazing results.

This technique has two parts:

  • Cleansing and repairing the aura while the patient is seated and

  • Balancing the chakras while patient lies down.

You will need a Quartz (male or female) pendulum, preferably with a natural terminated point as opposed to a polished one and a small piece of Peridot, you will also need a small male single terminated point (male = Clear Quartz or mostly clear) and a big male single terminated point, a small female single terminated point (female = Milky Quartz or mostly milky) and a large female single terminated point.

Cleanse all your crystals and dedicate them to be used for the highest and greatest good of all. Then make contact with the elemental life force of the crystals through a short meditation.

Cleansing and Repairing the Aura - Healing Technique:

  1. Let your patient sit on a chair, back straight, feet flat on the ground and hands relaxed in the lap.

  2. Take your patient through whatever routine you use to relax your patient.

  3. Take the big female (milky) Quartz point, hold it to your heart center in
    your left hand and ask it to release its healing energies then place it between your patients feet either standing up, point facing up or if the base of the crystal is such that it cannot stand, lie it down with the point facing to the back.

  4. Now take the small female (milky) Quartz point, hold it to your heart center in your left hand and ask it to release its healing energies then place it in your patients left hand with the point facing up to the wrist and gently close her hand.

  5. The next crystal to place is the small male (clear) Quartz. After holding it to your heart center in your left hand and asking it to release its healing energies, place it in the patients right hand point facing away from the body.

  6. You are now ready to cleanse repair the patients aura as follows: Take the big male (clear) Quartz crystal and hold it to your heart center in your left hand and ask it to release its healing energies.

  7. Place the crystal in your right hand and your left hand over the crown chakra. Starting from the crown chakra at the back of your patients body, trusting your intuition, use slow, sweeping, circular movements through the aura about 2 inches away from the body.

  8. Listen to you intuition and move slowly down the back of the body while always keeping your left hand on a chakra center.

  9. Once you have finished the back move around to the right side of the body again starting at the crown chakra as in point 7 but this time follow the contour of your patients body and again sweep through the aura about 2 inches
    away keeping your left hand on a chakra point.

  10. Then move to the front of the body and repeat point 7 and 8.

  11. Once the front is finished move around to the left had side and repeat point 9.

  12. Finish by moving to the back of the body and grounding your patient with the Raku symbol (see the Symbol at the top of the page).

Balancing the Chakras:

  1. While your patient is still seated you will now balance his or her crown chakra.

NOTE: When working with a male starting at the crown the chakra vortexes spin as follows:

  • CROWN - anticlockwise

  • THIRD EYE - clockwise

  • THROAT - anticlockwise

  • HEART - clockwise

  • SOLAR PLEXUS - anticlockwise

  • NAVAL or SACRAL - clockwise

  • BASE or ROOT - anticlockwise

When working with a female starting at the crown the chakra vortexes spin as follows:

  • CROWN - clockwise

  • THIRD EYE - anticlockwise

  • THROAT - clockwise

  • HEART - anticlockwise

  • SOLAR PLEXUS - clockwise

  • NAVAL or SACRAL - anticlockwise

  • BASE or ROOT - clockwise

  1. Here it is very important to remember that you will allow the pendulum to do the work, you have to concentrate on not wanting to swing the pendulum yourself.

  2. We were told that it has happened before that the pendulum swung clockwise as
    opposed to anticlockwise on the crown chakra of a male and after some investigation by the healer it was established that the person was a homosexual with an abundance of female energies, so I implore you to trust your intuition.

  3. Take the piece of Peridot and place it in you left hand over your heart center asking that it protect you from all and any negative energies then moving it to your right hand. Place the pendulum in you left hand over your heart
    center and ask the pendulum for permission to work with it and that it release its healing energies and placing it in your right hand with the Peridot.

  4. Hold the pendulum in your right hand over the crown with the left hand over a chakra center and allow the pendulum to start its swing.

  5. When the clock or anti-clockwise movement stops and the pendulum moves from side to side (neutrally), the chakra is balanced.

  6. While keeping your patient in a very relaxed state, move him or her over to your healing bed.

  7. Place the large female (milky) Quartz between the feet point facing up, leave the crystals in your patients hands and place the large male (clear) Quartz crystal at the crown chakra facing down towards the body.

  8. Repeat point 12 & 13, moving down the body over the chakras centers from third eye to throat to heart to solar plexus to sacral to root.

  9. Once the root chakra has been balanced move to the patients feet and do the Raku (see picture at the top of the page)) from the feet to the ground intending that your patient be grounded.

  10. Thank your pendulum for the healing and close down the healing energies by holding the pendulum in your left hand over your heart center and asking that it closes down its healing energies.

  11. Do the same with all the other crystals as you remove them in the following order: large female, small female, small male, large male.

Hope this will assist all the truly wonderful light-workers and healers out there.

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to share my experience with yourself and the world.

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Oct 14, 2015
Healing With Reiki and Crystals
by: Anonymous

Nice post.

Sep 21, 2015
Healing With Reiki and Crystals
by: Anonymous

Nice and informative post.

Apr 10, 2009
Thank You
by: plushberry

beautifully simple...
thank you

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