Interview - ONE on ONE with Mark D Cameron

Mark D Cameron

We are very honored and grateful that Mark D Cameron, a being of love of gargantuan proportions and fellow healer agreed to be interviewed for Healing Journeys Energy, thank you dear friend. Read on and discover the "man" for yourself. A link to his FB page is included, for your convenience, at the end of the interview.

  • At what age did you realize you were different or searching for the "unknown"?

Thanks to my soul and The Great Spirit, I did not wake up too late in life. I was 45 when I started my journey into the ‘unknown’. I have loved every minute of the past 6 years of finding out why the hell we are here. I questioned everything, my religion, my ways, my life and suddenly the answers started falling into place. I don’t have all the answers, but for me, I know we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that when we connect and understand that The sacred Mystery which we call God - is all there is.

  • How did you approach this?

My dad had just passed in 2004 and 11 months later I divorced for the 4th time. One day soon after the divorce, my dad came to ‘visit’. I thought I was seeing things! From that day I started meditating and reading metaphysical books, making a study of the teachings. As soon as I finished one book, I was directed to a bookshop, and there would be another book/s for me to read. I was reading a book every 2-3 days and making copious notes of what resonated suddenly so deeply in my soul. It was almost like I knew the ‘stuff’, and was just being reminded. An aunt shortly thereafter advised me to find a spiritual mentor , which I did, and she started guiding me through the initiation of understanding my soul journey. I did a Pranic Healing course as well, which just blew me away. The teaching are so logical and miraculous, so I then went on to do most of the courses over a few years. I started a healing practice which has had amazing results. I am the type of person who requires tangible proof in order to trust and believe. I accept nothing in blind faith. I have had proof of almost everything I need to know, even the unseen!

  • Were your family supportive or understanding of you?

My family were as recalcitrant as kippers in kayaks. We come from a traditional orthodox Jewish home, whether anything other than the Torah is regarded as idol worship! They thought I was ‘cooked’, and still do, but see that the teachings I now follow, have calmed me, and have helped me stabilize myself in my life. So they now respect what I do and how I go about it, even thought they do not entirely agree.

  • Has your journey been a struggle to find your own identity?

Not at all. Once I started, the teachings have been so clear, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and that everything starts from within – not without. Spirit directs me to whatever I need to know and do. It has been the best years of my life. Not the easiest, but the best. I have grown in a myriad of ways, except of course when my inner child comes out to play, and play he will!

  • What was the turning point for you that lead you to where you are today?

A sudden realization that no one is to blame for anything perceived as negative in my life. I made my choices, and I did not fail in anything. I had lessons to learn and master. Everything is valid. My soul chose what I needed to experience and grow from. Once I started to work on myself, my life changed! Understanding that everything in my Universe is exactly as it is meant to be, helped me overcome many of my fears, and negativity.

  • What do you feel your purpose is in this incarnation?

To help people change their lives for the better, one person at a time, because if I can do it, anyone can. One just has to have the willingness to participate. I wish to touch people’s souls, and I know I have touched many!

  • What are your dreams for your future?

I wish to be a renowned mentor, teacher and guide for other souls in this world, to help guide them to healing their inner selves and growing emotionally and spiritually, learning how to love themselves. I also wish to create food kitchens in rural areas, so that kids can have meals before they go to school and when they return. There are too many kids in this country who live without much food, and have to fend for themselves.

  • What makes your heart sing?

When I touch peoples souls and when they touch mine. My life partner Kim is one of the people in this world who has deeply touched my soul. My mother and sisters and my Angel daughter all make my heart sing!

  • Describe yourself... the real you.

Mischievous, loyal, hardworking, big heart, kind, gentle, compassionate, sensual and loving. Masculine but deeply in touch with my feminine side too. I take no prisoners and say it as it is. I care not for the silly foibles of others. I don’t stand for crap. I stand for what’s right but most importantly I strive to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

Mark D Cameron os the group executive chef at Doppio Zero and also practices as a Pranic Psychotherapist & Inspirational Speaker, contact Mark via his facebook page.

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