Energy & Your Health -- Way to Use Energy to Improve & Heal Your Life - Dissertation

by Tan Kok Siang

Energy is the fundamental life force for our health; therefore, if we know how to use, how to enhance and strengthen our energy wisely, we will gain a good health and keep ourselves away from sickness/diseases. We are basically dealing with energy each and every second but we are too busy dealing with the external environment and others matter bothering us, which make us forget about the energy we are dealing with everyday, therefore indirectly, our health also affected.

To improve our health, first we need to understand the root or the fundamental of the energy flow and how it is function. To know the energy, we need some basic understanding on the chakras and aura. Both are very important to us as a energy practitioner or for those who really want to deal with energy. Of course Kundalini is another subject that will enhance or help us to strengthen our energy field but at this moment, understand the chakras and auras is good enough for us to enhance and improve our health and daily life.

Each chakra is related and associate with the function of our physical body or the organ of our body. Heart chakra is the centre of the upper (throat, third eyes and crown) and lower (root, spleen and solar plexus) chakra. Which means all energy flow will interact at heart chakra and flow again to other chakra.

Lower chakra is more related to our physical body and our emotion and upper chakra is more associate with our spiritual sense. Once we understand the function of our chakras and the organ related to each chakra, we can work on it and stimulate it, to achieve the balance of the energy at each chakra.

There are few methods usually used to stimulate the chakra.

First, we can use sound to stimulate our chakra, by using the mantra “YAM” (when you chant on the “YAM” mantra, you will feel you heart is expanding with the sound) or the musical note of “F” or some relaxing music, we are able to enhance the stimulation of the heart chakra.

Second, we can use the colour related to each chakra to stimulate the said chakra. We can wear green or pink colour shirt to work with our chakra because our heart chakra is pink or green in colour. Similarly, we can also drink or eat green food like vegetable to help us to enhance the energy for heart chakra. For purpose of wearing or bringing gemstone along with us also allow us to enhance our chakra energy. Jade is one of the crystal that Chinese culture believe will bring good luck, if your energy connect with jade, the said jade will be getting brighter, otherwise, your health might be affected if the colour of the jade is getting lighter. So, sometime is good to hear a crystal or bring a gemstone along with you and get yourself connect with the crystal, they are able to show you your health condition.

By practicing meditation, the right way of breathing, we are able to use the energy to improve our life and gain our health. We can use chakra meditation, to meditate each of our chakra to identify the chakra, it is balance or block and we can clear it by heal the chakra with colour, the mantra of the chakra and even we can use quartz crystal and other related crystal to clear the blockage and also to improve our health.

If we know Reiki, we can use the energy to heal the food, water etc before we eat to clear all the negative forces which attached at the food, drink etc. We also can use the energy to clear our environment, our room, our car to improve the condition by remove all the negative energy forces and insert positive energy to the said environment, so that, our health will improve or minimise our risk to the unhealthy conditions.

By wisely using the energy, we are able to give our daily life a good and healthy environment as well as a positive growth for our emotion. In view of the above methods, we can improve our daily health and enhance the value of our life.

Tan Kok Siang

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