Elementals - Angels from the Elemental Kingdom

Tree Spirits, Fairies, Mermaids... Astonishing Protectors of Nature on Earth...

Elemental Kingdom - Tree Spirit

The Elementals are the lowest rank in the hierarchy of angels and contain such creatures (often considered to be ‘mythical’) as fairies, gnomes, goblins, elves, leprechauns, tree spirits or people, brownies, undines, mermaids and sylphs.

They are called thus because they made up of only one element earth, water, fire, air and are ethereal (which means of the ethers) and are therefore invisible to most of us.

Even though they are mostly not mentioned in the hierarchy of angels they have the very difficult task of looking after earth and nature, which is being destroyed by man without a second thought.

They live among plants and animals and they are the ones responsible for the therapeutic effects you feel when outdoors amongst nature, at the beach and sea, at lakes and rivers, in parks and nature reserves, national parks and bush land.

Earth Elementals

One of their primary purposes is ecological preservation, they work with crystals, rocks, stones, soil, sand, and the earth.

They work with humans and are the guardians of sacred sites, ancient temples and groves.

Not only do they teach you about both personal and planetary healing but they also teach you to raise your own vibrational rate as well as that of others and the Earth itself.

Water Elementals

They are the mermaids, undines, water sprites, sylphs and others who regulate the waterways and help the creatures who live in and on them. They are here to teach you to cleanse and balance your emotions, to ‘go with the flow’ by taking the path of least resistance.

Fire Elementals

They are often seen as Salamanders guard the secrets of the transformational energy of fire. (Salamanders are often found in large numbers around volcanoes.) They teach you about the dynamic energy of your life-force, that spark of ‘divine fire’ that resides in all of us.

Fire purifies, burns, cleanses and destroys the old so that the new may emerge.

Air Elementals

Fairies are part of this group and they tend to all growing plants, trees, grass and flowers. They are also involved with pets and animals.

Children can often see fairies, so when they tell you they have seen them at the bottom of the garden, please don't laugh at them rather thank the fairies for being there and for the wonderful work that they do, often under trying circumstances.

We need to work with the fairies by assisting them wherever we can.

  • Before you mow the lawn, ask the protectors of the grass to leave.
  • Ask permission before you pick a flower.
  • If you do have to chop down a tree (always try all other avenues, please, we need our trees) ask the spirit of the tree to leave before you do so.

When you treat them with respect and consideration you will find that your garden will absolutely blossom as they return the favor to you.

Fairies carry your prayers and affirmations to the angels and the higher realms and they encourage and increase your mental prowess and intuitive abilities, creative imagination, communication and inspiration.

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