Dissertation for Know & Heal Yourself: A Course in Crystals PART 4

by Ashley Leavy

Attuning to Crystals

Attuning to Crystals

Attuning to Crystals:

By attuning to your crystals, you are enhancing your connection to and ability to communicate with the Deva or crystal being.

Energetic Attunement can be achieved by meditation with your crystal. To attune to your crystal using meditation, you should find a quiet place to relax. Then, hold your crystal in your hands and focus on slow, even breathing. Focus your conscious attention on this crystal and state your intention to become attuned to the energy of the crystal (by feeling its energy, exchanging its energy with yours, and to get acquainted with the Crystal Deva within the stone). When you intuitively feel that your energy has been attuned to that of the crystal being, you should place the crystal in front of you, open your eyes, and slowly return to conscious awareness.

Attunement can also be accomplished (in a more passive manner) by simply wearing or carrying your crystal with you every day for about one month. Then, you should attempt to connect with the stone and feel its energy (to discover the primary uses of the stone). If you would like to check your intuitive insights against information included in publications of the stone’s known properties, you can read about that stone’s associated characteristics (which you will find are typically useful for your situation) in books or on the internet.

You can also consciously direct the crystal to be attuned to your energy by asking the crystal being to attune to your personal energetic frequency.

Programming Crystals:

Programming is best described as the conscious intent to guide a crystal to receive and store thought forms. You have learned about the process in which crystals are able to receive and store energy, and so, since thoughts are energy too, it is though that through conscious intention, thoughts can be stored within crystals. These thought forms can include feelings, visual images, symbols, emotions, prayers, and more. The possibilities are limitless – if you can think it, you can program it!

The art of programming crystals can be best attributed to the work of Randall and Vicki Baer. These crystal pioneers suggested programming one crystal for one purpose at a time. Just remember, “1 crystal=1 purpose.”

However, others feel that crystals may store more than one program at a time. Just remember not to overwhelm your crystal. After all, it is your intention which guides the stone to carry out the program. If you send mixed messages with too much information, the crystal will not be as efficient.

The program should be as detailed, but concise, as possible. If it helps you to write it down, then please do so.

To program your stone, hold it in your hands and repeat the program 20-30 times while visualizing the program taking effect. You should make this process a sensory experience (the more you can see, hear, smell, taste, or feel the program taking place, the more intention you have put into the program). The program should be repeated once per day for seven days.

Another method of programming your stone is to hold it over a specific chakra (either the Heart Chakra or a Chakra relating to the program) and send the program into the crystal through a feeling or wish.

You may also choose to program your crystal with a specific word or symbol. This can be accomplished by placing the stone on top of a photo, drawing, written word, or picture of that symbol and intending that this energy enter the crystal.

For yet another method of programming, you should place the crystal at the 6th chakra/3rd eye chakra/Brow chakra or hold it in and vividly imagine the positive and successful outcome of the intention/program (using sensory cues & vivid imagery). You should visualize the result of the program in as much detail as possible. This information should be transmitted into the crystalline structure, from your Heart and Crown Chakras, via thought intention to be stored and recorded there for the good of all beings.

An alternative method is similar to the above. Hold the stone in your hands, and vividly imagine the positive and successful outcome of the intention/program (using sensory cues & vivid imagery). You should visualize the result of the program in as much detail as possible. Visualize the energy of the program flowing from your heart, down your arms, into your hands, and then into the stone. Imagine that the stone is illuminated and shining with this energy. Once you intuitively feel that the programming is complete, you should visualize the energy returning into your hands, then up through your arms, and lastly back into your Heart Chakra.

Another programming method utilizes chakra energy and breath work. To program your crystals, you must first formulate a phrase which accurately describes and details the nature of the program. Hold the stone in your non-dominant hand. Relax and ask for guidance, protection, and assistance when programming. Use a circular breathing pattern and breathe into the stone. Be aware of both your physical sense of touch with the stone as well as your connection with your higher self during the transfer of your intention into the stone. Repeat your phrase (up to 30 times) while visualizing and “feeling” the desired effect of the program. Maintain full awareness of this energy and bring your focus to your third eye or heart chakra and allow yourself to feel connected to the stone through this chakra. Direct the energy of the intention from this chakra into the stone. An intuitive recognition will signal the completion of the energy transfer. Detach your conscious awareness from the energy of the crystal. Then just sit back, and allow the energy of the universe to act through the crystal. An alternative way to program a stone is to repeat your phrase up to nine times and then tell your crystal to, “Set and hold.”

You can also program your crystal by using your breath. For this method, hold the crystal in the palm of your hand. As you inhale, visualize taking the energy of the program into your body. Then, exhale the intended program into the stone and visualize the crystal filling with energy.

Another method to program your stone is by wrapping a piece of string around it. Each time you wrap the stone, repeat your intended program (either aloud to silently to yourself). When you have finished wrapping the stone, let it sit overnight within the string. The next day, unwrap the string from the stone and the programming will be complete.

An alternative programming method involves using melted wax. For this method, hold place the crystal in front of you. Then, light a candle as you repeat your intended program (either aloud or silently to yourself). When the candle has melted slightly, dip the ends of the crystal into the wax or drip some onto the stone. This will seal the program into your stone. Leave the stone overnight. The next day, remove the wax from the stone and the programming will be complete.

No matter which method of programming you choose to use with your crystals, the program should be repeated whenever you intuitively feel that it is again necessary (and as often you like). Go to - PART 5

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