Crystal Healing with Quartz

Third Party Session

First of all I had cleaned all my crystals, tried different methods, used a combination. I held the crystal in my dominant hand. With my forefinger on the other hand, using a sharp stroking motion away from me with a sharp exhaled breath, intending to clear whatever was laid in the crystal. {blowing sharply twice} – on one side and then the other side of the crystal.

Then I made a solution consisting of one desert spoon of sea salt with a desert spoon of apple cider vinegar, in a glass container filled with 2 cups of lukewarm water {500mls} making sure the sea salt was properly dissolved. Then placing the crystals in the solution for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes rinsing the crystals with purified water and drying them with a soft cloth. I then attuned the crystals, then dedicated and charged the crystals, then programmed the crystals for healing, giving them lots of love intent. I then worked out which was my power hand which happens to be my left hand.

Remembering that there are two rules for crystal healing which is:

Rule 1. There are no rules.
And Rule 2. When in doubt refer to rule 1.

I tried a few different techniques and what felt comfortable to me, I found I quite liked the Running Energy technique as it was very simple and effective. It gave me good practice and it was easy to remember. I used two clear quartz points, with the client laying down sock and shoe free was more effective. I positioned myself sitting at the clients feet. The crystal in my left hand, point facing away from the right foot and crystal positioned in the middle of the sole of the foot. In my right hand point of the crystal positioned into the middle of the clients left foot. Then I imagined the energy flowing from my right hand and crystal into the clients left foot moving up into the left side of the body and flowing down the right side of the body out of the right foot. I felt a vibrating energy coming from the crystal in my right hand, pulsing when this was happening and felt the energy flowing smoothly through my hand. The crystal pointing to the clients foot I was imaging all the crystals energy removing all the unwanted energy and being replaced with positive light energy. The unwanted energy was flowing down the right side of the client out of the crystal and transforming into positive energy.

The client said they felt a tingling sensation moving up from the left side of the body and a feeling of release out of their right side of their foot. After a while the client said they felt much lighter in body not so heavy and more energized.

Self-Healing Session

I tried two different self healing methods, the first was to remove my congested energy. I was feeling down no energy with the cold I Had. This method I thought was a good pick me up. Using a generator quartz in my right hand point facing down and my left hand over my heart, I imagined the congested energy to flow out of my body into the earth. I felt the energy at first moving slowly out of my body, it was very sluggish at first then after a few minutes it flowed freely. Then I changed hands crystal point facing towards my body, I imagined the healing energy from the crystal flowing into my body. I saw a white light energy as this was happening entering my body and flowing until I felt a tingling sensation and my body felt energized. After the session I felt a lot lighter and having more energy to complete my work for the day. I felt this technique to be a quick and effective pick me up.

The second technique I chose was because it was a more balance longer healing for me. The wearing of Crystals for self healing, in which I am still on going with. First of all I had done the above with cleansing, the attuning, dedicating and charged the crystals. I have chosen a clear quartz, 6 sided pendant, it jumped out at me when I purchased it and felt drawn to it so I chose it to wear around my neck. The other crystal I chose was a small odd shaped Amethyst quartz pendant, same again very drawn to it. I had been wearing the clear quartz for 1 week, felt sight vibrations from the crystal, the second week is when I was attracted to the Amethyst and started wearing this also around my neck, feeling that I had issues that needed healing around my heart chakra . The first night wearing both crystals together while resting in bed, I felt powerful vibrations coming from both crystals, almost like waves of vibrations going through my body, pulsing mainly from the heart area pulsing up and out continuously. Because it is still only my 2nd week of wearing these crystals I am still in the first step moving towards the second step- which is harmonising and integrating. I feel the crystals are working wonders for my self healing, in time my energy will be very positive. The full moon is coming up tomorrow night where I live and I will be placing all my crystals outside under the full moon for the cleaning and charging.

Jayne Hastings
Certificated in Crystal Healing
(By Healing Journeys Energy)

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