Crystal Healing - Quartz

by Kirsty Goodger

Crystal Healing

Clear quartz is known as a master healer, it can be used for removing negative thoughts, increasing psychic abilities, enhancing meditation and help to raise conscience. Different layouts are used to help re-align the bodies energy field, and to open the chakras to promote well being. Before you start a healing session it is important to protect yourself by using white light then use a light invocation to start the healing session.

The first step in healing is making your client comfortable and relaxed, and then you can begin the healing session. Starting with the client’s aura, this will remove any stagnant energy that is present here. Then you will begin to work on the chakras, starting at the crown chakra, working your way slowly down to the root chakra. The energy will now be able to flow easily and quicker around the body. Now that the energy is balanced, you can now begin to use the Quartz crystals. There are several crystals you will need to use during a healing session , these are : 1 medium or large quartz point, 1 medium or large milky quartz point, 1 small clear point, 1 milky point, 1 natural unpolished clear pendulum, 2 clear quartz points one for receptive and the other for projective.

Whilst your client is sitting comfortably in a chair, you will place 1 milky point facing up, under the chair in the middle. Place 1 crystal point in your left hand with the point facing your wrist, your hand must stay open. The other to be placed in the right hand with the point facing out. Start above the crown chakra, move the right hand down the front of your client using slow side to side movements through the aura with the point facing the client. Repeat this on the right side of the body then back then on the left side. When you feel the aura has been cleansed shake the energy off out of your hand, whilst keeping the crystal in your left hand. Now you will use the pendulum, hold above the crown chakra with the intent of balancing this centre. The pendulum will then move in a circle and will stop on its own when the chakra is balanced.

You will then ask your client to lie down, move the milky quartz from under the chair to between the clients feet, point facing to the root chakra. Place the clear point at the crown with the point facing down. Place the small clear quartz in the client’s right hand point facing away from the wrist. Small milky point goes in the client’s left hand with the point facing towards the wrist; so that the flow is balanced (hands must stay open). Keep the receptive crystal in your left hand, and then hold the pendulum over the third eye. Hold the intent of balancing the chakra. Do this for the other chakras. Place the pendulum down and take the clear projective crystal (keeping palm open) use slow circles intending love and healing, rotate the crystal around the upper part of the head before moving down the right side to the feet, then go up the left side up to the crown. Ask your client to turn over so that the back can be worked on, then the healing session is finished. Ask your client to relax for 10 minutes, and then slowly sit up. Offer a drink of water, and explain that the healing will carry on for a few days and to take it easy.

Self Healing

Wearing quartz such as an item of jewellery or in a pouch at your hearts centre will continually work on your imbalances. Keep the quartz on you at all times for 21 days for the cleansing process to be initiated and completed. A healing crisis may happen during this time, flu like symptoms are common as your body is clearing the old toxins and stagnant energy. Cleansing your crystal is important and gives it some recharging energy. Four hours in sunlight every week is enough to do this. Around the 4th week of wearing the quartz you will notice differences within you, such as positive feelings, opinions will be different and your overall outlook may change for the better. The third step can take 3-4 months depending on the individual. If you wear the quartz continuously you will achieve stability for the changes, to test the stability you could remove the quartz from time to time. If you feel desperate or feel a pull back to the crystal, then the energy is not yet stable.

Another form of self healing is to simply place quartz in your hand, do this for up to half an hour; you should feel some relief by then. Another quick self healing treatment can be done by using a quartz wand. Use this over the pubic bone area then slowly move it up your body to just below your lower lip, do this three times to help balance the conception channel.

There are so many problems that crystals can help you with. With self healing you know what areas are crying out to be healed and balanced; you can listen to your own body as use placements as necessary.

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