Crystal Healing Layout - Dissertation for Know & Heal Yourself

by Lynda Powell

I am a Shambhalla Master and have worked with crystals, intuitively, for several years. I have also been attuned to the Atlantean Crystal Activation, Ethereal crystals and the Crystal Devas.

I have researched many books on crystal healing and working with crystals and came across your courses whilst doing more research.

The healing that I am going to describe is with a twelve year old male, called Alex (not his real name). Alex’s mother approached me and asked if I could help.

Alex had been diagnosed as suffering from Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder and of having an extra Y chromosome, the XYY syndrome. This triggers more production of testosterone than normal causing aggression and anger.

He is tall for his age, very well developed and also very strong.

He has recently had a lot of problems at school and the last straw was when he attacked another boy.

The parents of the other child complained bitterly and he was threatened with expulsion from the school unless something was done about the situation.

When I met Alex, he was very polite but his ADHA was quite pronounced. Because of his age I also asked that his mother be present during the treatment, I also asked her about any relevant past medical history and about any medication Alex was taking.

I explained to Alex in detail what crystal healing was about and showed him my “rock friends” the friends that we were going to work with that day.

Before I start channeling any healing I always ask that I be made a pure channel for healing energies and that everything done in my healing sanctuary be for the highest good of all.

Each time I begin I scan the body using a pendulum, pausing over each of the chakras.

I do this because I feel that if one chakra is blocked then the others will be over/under energized, preventing free flow of energies.

I then proceeded to balance his chakras using the following crystals:

I placed Alex in a balancing and harmonizing layout of two quartz crystal points (facing inward, towards the body), one above the crown and one between his feet, in preparation for receiving crystalline energies.

Two red jasper on each groin – to get as near as possible to the base chakra.

Over the sacral chakra I placed a carnelian and a citrine over the solar plexus.

At the heart I placed a green aventurine and a rose quartz.

A blue lace agate at the throat, a sodalite at the third eye and an amethyst point at the level of his crown chakra (point out).

After I placed the stones I made sure that he was comfortable and sat, quietly, with my hands on his shoulders, channeling the healing energies, for about five minutes. After this I checked with a pendulum to establish that the chakras were balanced and in harmony.

Following this I chose to use a quartz point Seal of Solomon (to remove excess energies) over his heart chakra with a bloodstone and rose quartz (chosen intuitively), in the centre.

I was drawn to place my hands over his crown chakra and stayed there, with the points outward to release any negative energy. After about five minutes, I turned the quartz points inward to renew positive energy. About three minutes later I felt the need to change the layout.

To increase the flow of energy through the body, I used twelve amethyst in an infinity sign (a figure of eight), connecting them with my rose quartz wand.

I placed the amethyst as follows:

One above the head at the level of his crown chakra.
One beside each shoulder.
One beside each elbow.
Two crossing over between the heart and solar plexus.
One besides the top of each leg.
One beside each knee.
One between his feet.

All with points facing out to clear any negative vibrations. I left him in this layout for about three minutes; I then reversed the points to increase healing energies.

During this time I placed a blue lace agate (also suggested for anger) and a rose quartz at the level of his heart chakra.

I chose amethyst because of its versatility. It is a positive healer and soothes and calms the mind. Amethyst is also recommended for removal of anger and agitation.

I am often drawn to use rose quartz. I find that the loving energies soothe many ailments.

By this time Alex was completely relaxed and I felt inclined to use another layout of five moonstones in a ‘Pentagram`(one at the crown chakra, one on each shoulder and one on each groin) Again I connected the layout with my wand.

I used moonstone in this layout for calming and soothing. Moonstone is advised for male/female imbalance.

As the treatment was coming to a close, I placed Alex in a balancing and calming layout with a Unakite at the heart chakra, (Unakite reaches the root cause of any blockages, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.)

Just below the base chakra I placed a red jasper, to help soothe his emotional state and release any tension.

At his crown chakra, I placed a labradorite, to bring peace to the turmoil of his mind.

Although I tend to use several layouts when healing, I always remove the crystals prior to laying out another.

At the end of the treatment, I removed the crystals from crown to base and “swept” the aura of any residual energy. At this point I placed my hands over the chakras to reduce them in size. (I do this to protect the person as they leave my sanctuary.)

I let the energies settle for a few moments and gently rubbed his feet to ground the energies and help him back to full consciousness, giving him a glass of water to drink at the end of the session.

I also instructed his mother on how to make a gem elixir with amethyst, to be taken three times a day between visits.

Throughout the treatment, I observed for any stress release. About three minutes into the treatment Alex started to twitch slightly, but he soon settled and remained settled for the duration of the treatment.

Alex has returned to me on several occasions, his mother has reported that although he still gets his “angry moments” they have certainly lessened in severity, duration and episodes.

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