Chakra Summary

by Lauren Moss
(Whitehouse Texas USA)

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Synopsis of the Seven Chakras

Classified as focal points of psychic energy and residing within a delicate energy system called nadis, chakras are thought to be energy gateways produced at adjoining areas of the physical and psychic layers of a living being. It is within this living being that the seven major chakras exist.

The first of the seven major chakras is the Root Chakra. Considered the gateway to the Earth, it is positioned at the perineum and faces downwards towards the Earth. This chakra is involved with the realm of physical and material; the sphere of physical life, and when opened it brings about wellbeing and affluence to the living being. When it is balanced it makes a being strong and vital. This chakra’s basic right is the right to be here and to exist and if unbalanced and violated then disease and blockages, like obesity, sciatica, and more, can come about caused by unwillingness to move on or change direction. The chakra’s color is red which stimulates and energizes oneself and the visual color of red can be used as a method to heal or revitalize this chakra.

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra, represented by the color orange. It is situated halfway between the pubic area and the navel region and remains dormant until puberty. It is considered the storage center for energy coming and going throughout the body and concentrates on the energy from the external world like wealth and sexual power and self-gratification. This chakra is nourished by developing support systems and limits and its purpose is the creation of species. The basic right of the Sacral Chakra is the right to feel; the ability to communicate and comprehend basic emotions. If this basic right is desecrated, impotence, frigidity, uterine, bladder, or kidney issues can and will occur. The failure to take what is required and leave what is not is the main cause for such disease and blockages. A stone that can be used in crystal healing is carnelian which produces a flood of life force energy.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus, also known as the gateway to the sun, and it is located in the abdomen about 5 cm above the naval region. It is represented by the color yellow and obtains and accumulates life force energy or chi. Its basic function deals with willpower and personal power as well as self determination. The basic right of the Solar Plexus is the right to act, to be innovative and free and if violated ulcers. Diabetes, eating disorders, and blood sugar issues can arise. A gemstone to use for crystal healing and balancing is citrine which unlocks increased clarity and improves creativity.

The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra, also known as the gateway to the winds, and is associated with the color green. It is located in the center of the chest and functions in showing conscience and compassion, respiration, disintegration, death of species, devotion, love, and healing. It shows how one manifest love and forgives others and one’s feelings and nourished by finding passion in life. Its basic right is to love and be loved and if desecrated can cause asthma, blood pressure issues, heart disease, and lung disease, due to a lack of confidence in self, closing down, or feeling of being taken advantage. Emerald is the gemstone of choice for healing and balancing because of its ability to strengthen and clear the emotional and physical heart centers.

The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra, also called the gateway to time and space, and represents verbal communication and speech development. It deals with issues of personal expression, how others see us, and our own personality and is nourished through creativity and expression. Its basic right is the right to speak and hear truth, including all transgressions and if this is violated and we are not allowed to communicate or have issues in communication, disease and blockages like sore throats, swollen glands, colds, and thyroids problems can creep up. It is signified by the color blue and can be healed through crystal therapy by chrysocolla which stimulates the mind, balances feelings and eases the way for communication to occur.

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye/ Brow Chakra, or the Ajna, and relates to issues of discipline, emotional maturity and wisdom - judgment correlations. It is recognized as the gateway of liberation. It is regarded as the hub for intuition and insight. Situated in the middle of the forehead, just above the brow line, it operates as the entrance to the spiritual ways of thinking, psychic awareness, and extrasensory perception. Its basic right is the right to see and if infringed upon or not expressed poor memory, inadequate vision, weak mental clarity, failure to differentiate patterns, denial, nightmares, hallucinations, headaches, and more are disease and blockage issues to be dealt with. It is represented by the color of indigo and if the color is worn it is said to balance the chakra naturally. The color is in addition said to regain emotional direction and helps to make ready for the next step. A gemstone used in crystal healing is sodalite which drives out unrelated thoughts and promotes mental focus.

The seventh and concluding major chakra is the Crown Chakra, the gateway of the void. It is thought to be the focal point of consciousness and is the Master chakra for all of the others. It is the sacred center for human life force energy. The color(s) for the chakra is a wonderful mixture of gold, silver, white and violet. It works with the realm of the spirit and is fed by unconditional love, compassion, and peace. The crown chakra is positioned at the top of the head at the crown and functions as the union to the divine, inspiration, insight, cosmic consciousness and oneness to all. Its basic right is the right to know including the right to truth, precision in information and understanding, and to be knowledgeable about what’s happening and if violated then it can cause isolation. It may be a signified by a mixture of colors but the main color that signifies this chakra is violet which calms inconsistent behavior. A stone used in healing is amethyst which is the master healing crystal and it clears and cleanses stress, pacifies the mind, and raises and protects the spirit from negative and lower vibrations.

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