Aventurine Crystals - Healing my Son

by Anna Perretta

Crystals have become a very important part of my life. They have brought me calmness, serenity and hope, at a time when it was all lacking. I invested in a few crystals and completed a 2 day crystal healing course. The second day of the course was working with layouts, their benefits and what crystals to use for different ailments.

It has been a year now and my crystal collection keeps growing, I have hundreds and still looking for more. I have tried a couple of layouts on family members, for different purposes. It is amazing to see how skeptical people can be and how their opinion changes after a crystal healing.

My children also enjoy crystals, in particular my son, whom I’ve been told may be a crystal child. He has suffered years of emotional/mental abuse from his father (we are divorced) and his father’s sister. I discovered this from my son’s therapist.
He has been a very angry, frustrated, hurt and fearful little boy. One day, sitting with me as I was sorting my crystal collection, he asked about them. He looked at the books and asked to look at the crystals he was reading about in the book. I explained that crystals are used for healing. I put it to him that I could help ease some of his hurt with a crystal healing. He agreed to it, my son requested a healing layout using Aventurine Green.

He read that Aventurine is a crystal that works on the Heart Chakra, and is able to assist in healing a broken heart and bring inner peace. I asked him to lie on the green silk sheet on the carpeted floor. We called upon Archangel Michael (my son’s favorite Archangel) to be present during the healing and shine on us with golden light. My son closed his eyes and visualized the rays of golden light in the room. I placed an Aventurine tumbled stone above the head, another below the feet, at both shoulders, either side of the waist and at his knees. I asked him to think of a happy place, he was in a rainforest, by the waterfall, staring at the glorious bright colours of the magnificent rainbow.

Together we asked the crystals to start their healing, my son visualizing serenity, calmness, inner peace. We were ridding his innocent body of the heartache, fear and anxiety, everything negative. We called upon the Aventurine crystals to work their magic and fill my son’s body with positive energies and thoughts. Working from the top of the head, I asked my son to visualize the energies streaming from the Aventurine from the top of the head, across both shoulders, down the waist, flowing down to the knees and to the tips of his toes. I glanced at my son; he was smiling, still with eyes closed. The flow of positive, healing energies were manifesting happiness, love and joy in this innocent body that had been filled with hurt and anger.

Together, my son and I asked the crystals to take him to that happy place whenever he felt lost, afraid and scared. He chanted, “Glorious Aventurine please keep me calm and safe and protect my heart from pain.” (He chose words) He remained like this for a few minutes. I watched him as he was at ease, a look of calmness and security, which had been missing for some time. After a few moments, we thanked the crystals for their love and healing. I slowly removed the crystals as he lay relaxed.

I asked my son how he felt, he smiled and hugged me tight, “Mum, the crystals worked, can I keep one with me all the time?” I asked him to pick which Aventurine he wanted, he chose the crystal I had placed above his head. I asked why he chose that one from all the crystals we had used. He explained that he felt the weight being lifted from his shoulders as soon as we started the healing, he could feel a sensation working down his body. My son felt relaxed, he stared the feeling of “being free from fear.”

My son looks forward to his crystal healing sessions. We have tried other crystals but he always comes back to the Green Aventurine, “Mum, it saved me.”

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Nov 02, 2017
Great story. NEW
by: Aventurine love

I understand what your son felt. When I was a teenager my life was very difficult. And then aventurine came into my life and it gave me balance, optimism, happiness, health, love and compassion but most of all Self-Love. Without Self-love life is hard.

Feb 21, 2017
Adventurine NEW
by: Anonymous

I just got chosen by a beautiful Adventurine Pendant. I love it Soooooo much. Does anyone know if a healing setion would work if I used it?

Oct 23, 2015
Just faith!
by: Anna

That is just amazing! I am so happy that through positivity you can heal your mind and body!

Sep 17, 2015
I like this kind of information.
by: Anonymous

I like this kind of information. you did a very well job. the Aventurine Crystals - Healing my Son is a very interesting story for us. keep it up and share more post like this.

Aug 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

No doubt, Crystals healing course can improve our living prospects, you can also get exclusive healing alerts as well.

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