Angelic Library Experience

by Omega C Benne
(Dallas, Texas)

In late February, 2005 following a heart attack I had undergone angioplasty surgery (a stent ) I had some days off so I began to read the word of god the more I read the bible I suddenly developed a thirst and a hunger for more of the word of God.

I wanted to see places where Jesus walked; documentaries archeology findings anything pertaining to Jesus, so I called my son to take me to the largest library in Dallas he and my grandson came and we were off to the library! It was a humid & hot day for February & we didn’t find a good parking spot, and I had begun to get weak we walked quite a ways, and then there was steps to climb & by then I was very, very weak I didn’t tell my son because I was determined to get the books and DVD's if possible about Jesus; so when we entered the facility was so big and I didn’t know where to look! And I was getting weaker and slower and this is where the miracle, took place!

I turned to my son and said: "Son do you know where the Christian material is?" I never heard a response from my son...but I suddenly found myself in the middle of a book shelf! It seemed as though I was in another zone I know I was in the library but I wasn’t aware of any other patrons but just ahead of me was a figure that looked just like my son! He was dressed in the same attire! But he never turned around so I thought my son had found the material I was I began to follow but every time I would be just about to catch up he would go around another shelve of books! But without realizing it my strength was returning! I was walking faster and faster! Almost running to catch up there was healing in each step!

Finally when I reached the third corner; there was all the books DVD's everything that I was seeking and more, but I thought it was strange that "Bo" my son, would just not say anything and just suddenly leave me alone so when I gathered all the material I wanted it was too much for me to carry so I sat down to wait, finally I saw Bo and my grandson from way across the room waving they came and helped me check out.

Out of curiosity I asked son: "Did you show me where the books were?" He said: "Books? No ma’am me and Bj just got off the elevator!"

The lord saw my weakness, but yet was determined to learn of him and get a little closer so, he summoned an angel to go lift up my child go... in the likeness of her son and when you go with "healing in your wings" to give her strength! Glory to god! And thank you for letting me share my angelic experience!


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Jun 15, 2012
Thank You!
by: Elmarie Swartz

What an amazing experience... thank you so much for sharing!!

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