What happens during a Reiki Healing Session?

Your Reiki Healing Session may begin with a brief discussion of what events have lead you to come for a healing session, discussing the events and issues that brought you to where you are today.

It is important to remember that Reiki is a holistic, energy-based modality.

Reiki is not massage therefore there is no physical or body manipulation whatsoever. Reiki is a divinely guided intuitive art, your Reiki experience may therefore differ from visit to visit.

As the Reiki Healing Practitioner, I am guided to use whatever works best for each individual in their particular situation during each individual Reiki session.

Guidance & Respect

My respect for the uniqueness of every client alone demands that this kind of work is driven by people rather then by techniques, I therefore encourage you to relax, let go, and enjoy your personalized journey to wellbeing in a safe, calm, comfortable space... and that space is inside of you.

The Reiki Healing Session

  • You, the client, remain clothed throughout the entire session.
  • Reiki Energy flows through the Reiki Practitioner's hands to you, through placement of the hands either on or just above the your body, allowing for the energy flow and exchange to take place.
  • Reiki is an intelligent energy and will therefore adjust to the appropriate level for each individual.
  • You often experience temperature sensations, very hot or very cold and/or tingling sensations from the practitioner's hands.
  • Emotional release i.e. crying may be experienced during the healing session.
  • Reiki works whether you experience physical sensations in your body or whether you do not feel any physical response.
  • Each Reiki Healing Session may vary as it is perfectly attuned for your current state and need at the time A typical Reiki Healing Session is approximately one hour long.

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What will Reiki do for you?

Reiki Healing Session

Some Physical Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki works on all chronic and acute illnesses, including serious problems like heart disease and cancer as well as skin problems, flu, fatigue, headaches, and back pain.
  • First Aid (as it speeds up healing).
  • Reduction in pain and nausea after allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.
  • Your body being more fully prepared for surgery, including using less anesthesia, and a shortened recovery.
  • Tissue regeneration to replace scars and burns.
  • Lessening of arthritis pain, stiffness, and increased ease of movements.
  • Improved circulation to reduce swelling from many causes (injury, surgery).
  • Balancing of the organs and glands and their bodily functions.
  • A lessening and relieving of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other auto immune diseases.
  • Strengthened immune system, and improved capacity of your body's ability to clear toxins.
  • Supports pregnancy and childbirth, and afterwards. Many women report painless childbirth using Reiki.

Some Mental Benefits of Reiki

  • Your mind becomes calmer.
  • Improved memory.
  • Enhanced creativity.
  • Help contacting the "healer within" and relief from emotional upset, anxiety and depression.
  • Restful sleep with more vivid dreams during sleep.
  • You think clearer and you can 'see' clearer.
  • Increased self-confidence. You will be able to answer your own questions knowing that you have the answers.
  • Enhanced personal awareness.
  • Some Emotional Benefits of Reiki
  • Deep relaxation, the mind calms and becomes less erratic.
  • Eases depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses.
  • Increased intuition, and creativity.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Increased intuition and creativity leads to a more purposeful direction in life.
  • Feel more connected and in tune with others and the universe.
  • Peace.

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After a Reiki Healing Session

How you feel after a Reiki Healing Session is as individual as the person receiving Reiki. Reiki is positive and loving, it is a subtle but very effective vibrational energy. Most people have a sense of peace and well-being after a Reiki Healing Session, some have symptoms of detoxification.

If one feels bad after a session, there can be a number of reasons because Reiki is a type of cleansing, and sometimes one will feel worse before one feels better.

During a Reiki Healing Session, your negative, toxic vibrations whether they be of a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual nature will be stirred up, brought to the surface to be removed from the your system. Reiki vibrates the negative energy out of the problem area and raises your vibration, where negative energy lowers one's vibration. You may ache, have a headache or stomach ache, which can indicate detoxification.

Side Effects That May Be Experienced After Treatment

  • Crying for no reason
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Feeling hot or cold
  • Increased urination
  • Tingling
  • Travelling aches or pains throughout body

The reason for this could be that energy is shifting throughout your body and re-balancing, a cleansing process has been triggered and toxins are being released.

What to do after a Reiki Healing Session?

  • Side effects will usually diminish after 48-hours
  • Drink at least six to eight - 8 oz. glasses of water per day to help flush toxins from your body, plus help to conduct your body's energy flow
  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Avoid over consumption of stimulants such as coffee/tea/soft drinks containing caffeine or alcohol
  • Increase alone time in order to separate your energy from others
  • Increase rest time
  • Relax - just enjoy and be good and kind to yourself.

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