Do these Aura Exercises and See the Aura...

After you've done the aura exercises for seeing the aura below, you will notice that it is:

  • a three-dimensional envelope of energy,
  • it appears as a pale, fine, luminous radiance,
  • it is distinctly fluidic in appearance and behavior in living things,
  • is stationary around non-living things,
  • and it surrounds your whole body or object in all directions.

The fact that you might not be able to see it yet does not mean that it does not exist.

In the past it was believed that auras was only visible to certain people with special psychic powers. However, with a little bit of training and practice, or using "pinacyanole bromide" screens or goggles, anyone can see the aura as a definite emanation from the physical body.

Now... seeing the Aura...

So you have decided that you want to see auras. Before you begin staring at people I would suggest that you first learn to retrain your eyes as you need still, focused and peripheral vision to be able to see them correctly and effectively.

You subject your eyes to constant bombardment every day for example...

  • staring at your computer doing the Facebook thing,
  • staring at your television watching your favorite soapie,
  • or maybe even playing a video game or two.

It is important to understand that when your eyes are in constant movement, similar to watching a video, where frames of action seem to flow fluidly, things are processed in a slightly incomplete manner.

In a way all this has damaged your eyes and to learn to see auras you will have to retrain your eyes and learn how to use a new kind of vision, focused still peripheral vision.

To learn this new kind of vision do the aura exercises below and you can increase the processing power and sensitivity of your eyes, which will help you in your quest to seeing the aura.

Aura Exercises for Seeing the Aura

Activating your Peripheral Vision

Aura Exercises for Seeing the Aura
Aura Exercises for Seeing the Aura

Going live...

Once you've tried and practiced the above the following is a very basic exercise to help you see this field of energy. Do this exercise with a friend:

  1. Have your friend sit in a chair with their back against a white wall.
  2. Place a small sticky dot or piece of paper in the middle of their forehead.
  3. Sit about four feet away. Place your hands up in front of your face, and hold your fingers as if you were framing a picture with thumbs pointing inward and your index finger pointing up (Like two "L's" pointing inward).
  4. Loosely focus on the dot on your friend's forehead.
  5. While you are doing this, move your hands apart slowly, further and further apart, keeping a loose focus on the dot, and allowing your peripheral vision to follow your hands.

If you keep trying this exercise you will soon see a thin layer of light around your friend's head! If you try several times you may even see color. Keep at it! Sooner or later you will see auras.

TEN interesting tips to improve Aura Vision

  1. The aura must be viewed with the "inner eye"
  2. Do not try to see this energy field by staring. Rather relax your eyes and allow them get out of focus
  3. Use gentle control to stay focused on the third eye area maintaining the higher focus
  4. Don't force yourself or over concentrate
  5. Avoid the afterimage trap - get your friends to wear white
  6. Look for subtle color impressions rather than solid or vivid colors
  7. Try comparing friends and their auras
  8. A persons auric field depends on their state of relaxation, get your subject to breathe in and out deeply and see the difference
  9. Remember Rome was not built in a day, regular practice improves aura vision
  10. Don't try to hard or for too long - you will get tired

Other Aura Exercises - DEPRESSED? ...loosen up your Aura...

There is a method for loosening up your auric field, which can be done at any time.

It is very effective and helpful, especially when someone is depressed or weighed down.

  • The person should stand in front of you with their eyes closed.
  • Now starting at the feet and working your way up, loosen up the aura as if you were whirling feathers into the air.
  • Repeat from all sides, until the whole aura has been treated.

This should cheer people up and help them feel less weighed down and freer.

Giving and Gaining Back Energy

To gain back your energy given through the day and to give people back their energy, simply state out loud, or in your mind, "I release your energy back to you and I take back all of my energy from you".

Intimate knowledge of how too look after and protect your energy body and energy fields is something everyone should have, I can not tell you how many times I have helped myself, clients and students over bad places with this knowledge, get it now and improve not only your life but that of your family and friends.

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