Aura - Seventh Layer or Ketheric Template

Ketheric Template

The Ketheric Template or Seventh Level of your Aura is associated with the Divine or Universal Consciousness and is related to the Seventh (Crown) Chakra.

The 7th layer contains your life plan or soul contract and reflects all experiences and events that your soul has ever experienced.

Also containing all the auric bodies associated with the present incarnation you are undergoing.

This auric layer is the Mental Aspect on the Spiritual Level.

It extends between 75 centimeters (two and a half feet) to about 90 centimeters (three feet) beyond your physical body.

The ketheric template is composed of tiny golden silver threads of light and rapidly pulsating golden chards which hold the whole form of the aura together.

It contains a golden grid structure of the physical body and all the chakras.

The seventh layer of your aura is the purest form and the link to God, The Divine, Creator, "All That Is", within each of you.

In other words this is where you become one with the universe. This layer is on a level that cannot be experienced from the limiting viewpoint of your ego.

It is the strongest, most resilient layer of your aura.

Layer Seventh
Name Ketheric Template or Causal
Expression of Consciousness I believe I am.
Your needs on each level The mental layer on the spiritual plane. Divine mind, serenity. Through this layer we meld and become one with the Divine. To be connected to divine mind and to understand the greater universal pattern, access the akashic records and look into our past lives.
Chakra Sahasrara (crown) Chakra
Negative Belief Structure Believes he or she is superior to others.
Effect of negative belief in the Body Tangle or tear in seventh layer.

The body's material appearance with all its functions and capabilities consists of a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist. This system of energy consists of three basic components:

  • the aura, or the subtle or energy bodies
  • the chakras, or energy centers
  • the meridians, nadis or energy channels which you can learn much more about here.


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