Aura Balancing and Protecting your Energies

Aura balancing is the practice of focusing on the aura and using it as a tool for healing.

Those who use the aura to heal say it gives them sort of four-dimensional image of a person.

The three dimensions we're used to, as well as the dimension of time, giving a history of a person's life experience.

The practice of Aura Balancing is a really good idea as it clears out any negative thought patterns and emotional blocks you might have about your life, relationships, health, etc. as well as setting a shield of protection around yourself.

Why would you practice Aura Balancing for Healing?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt "out of sorts", "not all there" or perhaps you notice in the middle of the day that you feel "heavy", "sluggish" or "weighed down"?


Living in extremes are not living in balance - balance your aura today.

All this could be from an imbalance in your energy field.

Also remember that "too much of a good thing can be bad for you".

Living most of your life in the spiritual mind and not being grounded isn't any better than those of you who live in the physical world and never give your spiritual natures a second thought, or a first thought for that matter.

Without doing an Aura Balancing your energies can be affected in other ways as well:

  • Worry and anxiety that causes you to always be thinking of issues and problems can make you scatterbrained.
  • Trying to burn the candle at both ends; always being bogged down in work and never taking time to relax or release stress can weigh you down. Either way, you can eventually affect your energy to the point of developing physical ailments.

Depending on the events in your life, you may want to balance your energies once a week, or twice a month.

Each person is different and handles life in different ways; so it's really up to you how often you feel you need this exercise. Although my suggestion would be that you protect yourself on a daily basis.

The effects of the balancing your aura may be as subtle as feeling more peaceful or as dramatic as experiencing bliss, greater clarity, or transformation.

Balancing your Aura will also help in reducing stress and anxiety.

When you perform Aura Balancing regularly you will notice the following:

  • an increase in your energy and improvement of your physical health
  • feeling more peaceful
  • obtaining perceptual clarity
  • experiencing deep relaxation and bliss
  • receiving greater joy and confidence
  • gaining greater enthusiasm and ease in daily living
  • expanding your sense of well-being
  • awakening you to your holiness and assisting you toward the fulfilment of your spiritual promise

Aura Balancing

There are two different ways to balance your aura and set a shield of protection for yourself:

The Energy Body Course

For the first technique simply surround yourself with white light, and imagine a force field being established around your physical body.

However, if you have not done an aura clearing and cleansing exercise before surrounding yourself with white light, this method can trap unwanted stress, anxiety or negative energies within your physical body and inside your shield.

So in this case you might be blocking the external negative forces, but you're trapping your own negative energies that you create yourself, within your shield.

A better method is to generate a protection shield from the inside of your being "pushing" those unwanted energies out of your body, balancing your energy and then setting a shield around you.

Doing it this way you're clearing, cleansing, balancing and setting your shield of protection all at the same time.

You can even add a little step to this Aura Balancing process to bring Positive Divine energy into your being to add to your wellbeing or mental state. It doesn't take long to perform this mini-ritual. (You can certainly add to this with candles or other tools to enhance the process)

It's not as hard as you think. Energy healing and balancing is something that I regularly teach to my students.


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