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"Hypnosis takes the mystery out of creativity, out of manifestation and makes it accessible to everyone. The “Secret” is NO SECRET after all! If change, learning, prosperity and continuous growth are important to you, hypnosis is the tool to use."

In this issue of “another point of view” we are going to look at the fascinating world of hypnosis. Hypnosis is an experience, totally safe, guaranteed, fast and is one that we on this planet, are privileged to enjoy.

Start living the life you deserve!

Why struggle with yet another diet, exercise regimen, self-help course or class? Why drive yourself nuts because somehow you just cannot manifest that million bucks that all the gurus tell you is easy to do?

Who has the time, especially when you have hours of otherwise non-productive time already present in your life?

Bed time is a great time to improve your life through hypnosis therapy. We will soon offer recordings to strengthen your abilities through sleep learning, a fantastic way to take knowledge acquisition to the next level.

Why try more pills and therapy when hypnotherapy for health is a viable option to make you feel great?

Hypnosis opens an exciting world of possibility and you don't have to add another “difficult process” to your already packed schedule.

Your unconscious mind holds events and false beliefs from your past with the same energy as when they actually occurred. That part of us is trying to keep us safe, yet in an illogical way. With hypnosis, accessing the unconscious mind, you can banish your limitations, discover your true purpose and enjoy the life you deserve, putting you in the drivers seat.

You CAN live your destiny!

Read on and enjoy.

To your health and abundance. – Your Place to Be!

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  • Gift of Giving
  • Favourite Quotes
  • Inspiration
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Psychic Power
  • Opportunity Knocks
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Gift of Giving – A Gift for You


As Jim Rohn said:

“Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.”

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Favourite Quotes


“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour.

Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

~Mahatma Gandhi~

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

~Otto Rank~ – Your Place to Be!




Self-Hypnosis Introduction

By Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D

Follow these easy instructions to develop a hypnotic state. Hypnosis feels amazing. And the results can be awesome. And it's so easy you'll be asking yourself why someone didn't tell you about this a long time ago!

Everyone – anyone! – can tap into the seemingly miraculous powers of self-hypnosis.

Try it for yourself. Let me give you a couple of time-saving tips.

First, don't try to make anything happen! It's natural to try to make something happen. Being human we just naturally want to jump in and make something (our mind, in this case) do what we want.

But trying to make something happen doesn't work as well. You have to learn to just let it happen. That's what most people have to learn -- how to let the hypnotic state develop. When you try to make it happen (like with willpower) your effort will just get in the way.

Try not to analyze everything that happens. Don't watch for some feeling or other symptom of hypnosis. You probably will do that at first, what with being human and all. It is hard to keep this from retarding your hypnotic development in the beginning. After you've practiced a few times, though, the novelty will wear off and you can learn to let it happen.

Oh, and here's an important caution: Don't be too sure you know you have or have not been in a hypnotic state. It might take you a while to recognize it.

There are lots of different ways to experience hypnosis. No two people will have exactly the same experience. In one respect, though, everyone has the same experience: the hypnotic state is always pleasant! There are no "bad trips" in hypnosis.

Keep in mind that self-hypnosis is a skill, and that you will continue to get better at it and, as you do, it becomes ever more powerful.

It's a good idea to set up a schedule of practice, allowing yourself anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on how busy you are and how much time you have to spend at it.

Practice during the best part of your day if you can and at a time when you are least likely to be disturbed by others, just before bed is an excellent time.

Some people are surprised to learn that they have to stay awake when they practice self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is quite different from sleep. One interesting approach, if you have trouble staying awake, is to use suggestion to help keep you from falling asleep while you practice.

Most people find it best to practice lying down, in a comfortable position, with as few distractions as possible. If you are bothered by noise while you practice you can try to mask out the noise with some other source of sound. You can try stereo music in the background, or white noise if you like. If like most people you don't have a white noise generator, try tuning a radio receiver between stations. The static you get when you do that is similar to white noise. However this takes an older or cheaper FM receiver without a noise suppressor. Sometimes AM tuners can be used for this.

Later, when you have become more practiced at self-hypnosis, you will be able to practice in the middle of a rock concert (well, almost, anyway). When you are really good maybe you can do it with a teenagers' party going on downstairs (but it takes a while to get that good).

The basic divisions of a hypnotic induction are relaxation, deepening, suggestion application, and termination.

In our next e-zine we will be looking at these in more depth. – Your Place to Be!


Expand Your Knowledge


Everything you have always wanted to know about colour in one splendid and extensive course covering the healing energies and attributes of colour. When you complete this course you will be in the position to know and understand the power of colour in your life as well as to practice as a colour healing therapist complete with certification.

As a healer using the beautiful healing energies, no matter which branch of healing you practice or specialise in by adding an understanding of the power of the healing energies in colour your powers and abilities will be greatly improved.

By adding this knowledge to your practice you will enhance and multiply your ability to apply healing energies.

Do you know how colour affects you in your daily life?

Don’t let anyone fool you, the colours around you, the colours you choose to wear all affect your daily life

As colour applies its energetic power to your physical and mental being, imagine knowing what to wear to influence a situation, or what colours to surround yourself with to create the mood you desire.

Without a doubt, and this we can tell you from personal experience, as we use these techniques and systems in our daily lives this is must have knowledge that will change every aspect of your life, from manifesting abundance to health, wealth, love and happiness.

This course has been put together by us, it is unique in that it comprises nearly 200 pages of "pure gold" without the hype, it is full of indispensable knowledge and skills that are a must have for anyone including experienced healers and the beginner alike.

We have laid this course out in clear sections covering everything you would need to know about the healing energy of colour including:

  • Beautiful graphics to help you understand the concepts we are putting across. Exercises to complete that will enhance your ability as a healer to feel and attune into the energies.
  • Specialised, dedicated, meditations that you can learn and that will allow you to feel the benefits of the colour healing energies.
  • On completion you will have the opportunity to be certified, which will include you receiving a frame-able certificate that you can proudly display.

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Have you ever had an encounter with a true psychic?

Did you know psychic’s can connect with the Angels, Ascendant Masters, Guides, Your Higher Self and Passed over Relatives and Friends who can all offer you guidance and direction.

Roenel Evans is just such a gifted person.

Roenel is internationally acclaimed and using your name and date of birth she can give you a detailed account of your life past, present and future including guidelines that will help you manifest the abundance you deserve.

This is where you get very lucky, and remember this has come to you because at some time you put the thought out into the universe. You manifested this opportunity into your life - Take it now.

Roenel is giving you this opportunity without you having to leave your home.

Get your personal reading INCLUDING the opportunity to ask her 3 specific, personal, questions of your choice.

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Opportunity Knocks

Imagine having your own web page on this site?

That’s right you heard me, what we have done for you is to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge on any one of a number of topics.

You know something other people, just like you, are dying to learn, why not share, two things are guaranteed to happen.

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What is your passion, tell us something about your experience with Crystals, or about the Angels - how have they changed your life, do you practice or have you had an experience with Reiki others should know about. Have you read a book or purchased a product that has had an affect on you.

This is your chance – go for it!

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Useful Links


The energy Healers Supply Store: An ever increasing collection of valuable tools for the healer, these tools are unique to this store as they are crafted by us, for you.

The Sedona Method: Change your mind – Change your reality!  Unleash the ppower within you. It’s that simple, tried tested and proven.

I Create Reality: Add the power of “Holograms” to your arsenal of abundance tools. Imagine that as you create the reality in your mind so it will manifest in your life.

The Library:  An ever growing collection of usefull and exciting tools, books and more for your exclusive use.

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