This magazine is designed with you in mind.  It is our intention to help you continue and grow as you journey on your path of healing and abundance.According to Rene & Reluca Bastarache in their Clinical Hypnosis manual:

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

It is important to use your “imagination” as much as possible whenever giving yourself suggestions. Self hypnosis is based on the use of your thoughts and imagination. The unconscious mind does not understand the difference between an imagined memory and a real memory. Anytime you can include the developing of positive emotions within your scripts you will find that the success will be greatly increased. 

1. Thought is the vehicle of change

2. Imagination is the fuel that moves it.

3. Emotion is the super-charge that will propel it there faster. 

Realizing that hypnosis is based on suggestibility and imagination, there are many ways to hypnotize yourself and others.

NOTE: While the art of closing your eyes alone blocks out 80% of Beta brainwave activity, it is not required that you close your eyes to be hypnotized. 

You too CAN make “The Secret” work for you!


Read on and enjoy.


To your health and abundance. – Your Place to Be!

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Gift of Giving – A Gift for You


As Jim Rohn said: 

“Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” 

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We have added for your pleasure Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation Procedure. 

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Favourite Quotes


“It is never too late to be what we might have been.”

~George Eliot~ 

“Live with great expectations, and great things happen.”

~Ark Fettig~ 

“Some people say they haven't yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates.”

~Thomas Szasz~ 

“Around the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate.”

~J. R. R. Tolkien~ – Your Place to Be!




Self Hypnosis Introduction


By Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D


1. Relaxation


Your first job in the hypnotic induction is to slow the juices down and get yourself relaxed. But don't try to force your mind to relax (whatever that means)! If you get yourself physically relaxed, your mind will follow.


Relaxation – really deep relaxation – is an ability that most people have either lost or never developed. Some people can do it quite easily, though. They just let go of their tensions and let every part of their body become limp and relaxed. If you are one of these people, begin your self-hypnosis practice by getting nicely relaxed. Take your time. This is not something you want to rush.


The time involved for the relaxation phase of your self-hypnosis induction can vary from half an hour to just a few seconds. It is an important part of the induction and should not be slighted. As you get better and your skill increases you will recognize deeply relaxed states, and you will be able to achieve them in a surprisingly short time. But as a beginner, take your time. It will be time well spent.


A very popular method of deep relaxation is the Jacobson Progressive Relaxation procedure. This involves tensing each of the major muscle groups of your body (foot and lower leg on each side, upper leg and hip, abdomen, etc.). Tense the muscle group for a few seconds, then let go.


2. Deepening Procedures


Once you have completed the relaxation phase of your self-hypnosis induction procedure, you can begin to deepen the relaxed state. At some time between the deep relaxation and the deepening procedures you will move into a hypnotic state. You probably won't know it, especially as a beginner, but it will happen sooner or later.


One of the first hurdles a beginner must get over is the compulsion to "watch for it." That is, you will keep waiting for hypnosis to happen, for some change in your awareness or the way you feel that will say to you, "You're hypnotized."


Watching for any symptoms of hypnosis gets in the way. Going into a hypnotic state is, in this respect, similar to going to sleep. If you try to catch yourself going to sleep – if you try to be aware of the precise instant in which you actually go to sleep – you are much less likely to go to sleep. "Watching" keeps you awake.


In this same way you will not know when you go into a hypnotic state (but that won't be because you lost consciousness – you won't). Later, after you have been practicing regularly for a few weeks or a month or two, you'll be much more familiar with yourself and how it feels to be hypnotized.


Does it take everyone weeks or even months to get into a good hypnotic state?


Definitely not!


Some people have an amazing experience the very first time they try it. Others might practice for several days, noticing nothing, then wham! they have one of those great induction sessions in which they know something stupendously good happened. But if you happen not to be one of these people, don't worry about it. Just keep practicing and you will eventually get there. 

One of the most popular deepening procedures is the count-down technique. Hollywood also likes this one. That is why you see it in so many movies. That and the swinging watch. I have used a swinging metronome, but never a watch. 

To use the count-down technique you simply start counting downward from, say, 20 (or 100, or whatever). Adjust the countdown number to whatever feels right to you after you have practiced a few times. Imagine that you are drifting deeper with each count. Other images and thoughts will probably intrude themselves as you count. That is natural. Just gently brush them aside, continuing with your counting. 

The speed with which you count down should feel natural to you – not too fast, not too slow. For most people this means counting at a rate of about one count for each two or three seconds. Do it at a rate that feels comfortable and relaxed to you. Some people like to tie the count with their breathing. As they drift deeper their breathing slows down, so their counting also slows down. 

Don't count out loud, just think your way down the count. You want to avoid as much physical involvement and movement as possible. 

There are numerous deepening techniques.  

Measuring Your Depth of Self-Hypnosis 

In general, results from suggestions are the best way to gauge how deeply you are going in your self-hypnosis practice. If your suggestions are working and you are getting results of the kind you expect, then you are achieving plenty of depth in your self-hypnotic trance. 

In our next e-zine we will be looking at suggestions and termination of the session. – Your Place to Be!


Expand Your Knowledge


Everything you have always wanted to know about colour in one splendid and extensive course covering the healing energies and attributes of colour.

When you complete this course you will be in the position to know and understand the power of colour in your life as well as to practice as a colour healing therapist complete with certification.

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As a healer using the beautiful healing energies, no matter which branch of healing you practice or specialise in by adding an understanding of the power of the healing energies in colour your powers and abilities will be greatly improved.

By adding this knowledge to your practice you will enhance and multiply your ability to apply healing energies.

Do you know how colour affects you in your daily life?

Don’t let anyone fool you, the colours around you, the colours you choose to wear all affect your daily life

As colour applies its energetic power to your physical and mental being, imagine knowing what to wear to influence a situation, or what colours to surround yourself with to create the mood you desire.

Without a doubt, and this we can tell you from personal experience, as we use these techniques and systems in our daily lives this is must have knowledge that will change every aspect of your life, from manifesting abundance to health, wealth, love and happiness.

This course has been put together by us, it is unique in that it comprises nearly 200 pages of "pure gold" without the hype, it is full of indispensable knowledge and skills that are a must have for anyone including experienced healers and the beginner alike.

We have laid this course out in clear sections covering everything you would need to know about the healing energy of colour including:

  • Beautiful graphics to help you understand the concepts we are putting across. Exercises to complete that will enhance your ability as a healer to feel and attune into the energies.
  • Specialised, dedicated, meditations that you can learn and that will allow you to feel the benefits of the colour healing energies.
  • On completion you will have the opportunity to be certified, which will include you receiving a frame-able certificate that you can proudly display.

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Psychic Power


Have you ever had an encounter with a true psychic?

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Roenel Evans is just such a gifted person.

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