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This magazine is designed with you in mind.  It is our intention to help you continue and grow as you journey on your path of healing and abundance.


"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end."
~Ursula LeGuin~

Hypnosis is a journey; it is drawing from what is within you, your capabilities and strengths. Narrowing and focusing your intense concentration and attention on something that you want to change and CAN change. It is mind over matter.

The key on this journey is your attitude. If you are against hypnosis you will certainly not derive any benefit. If you are concentrating too much on the results instead of enjoying the benefits you will be wasting time and efforts again. You will be hung with hurdles which will slow your progress and also influence negatively the amount of benefit that you can truly derive from hypnosis.

Hence the best strategy for you to enjoy this journey and the benefits of self hypnosis is to let go, relax and enjoy the results. Don’t oppose anything. Let things take a natural course. The more conscious efforts you put in the less the benefits will come naturally to you.

You will be releasing the full potential and capability of your mind to attract positive energy. Learning self hypnosis techniques offers you a lot of benefits as it enables you to change anything about yourself, at core level, which will make you more productive, healthier, happier and more positive thus giving you the golden key on your journey to prosperity.

“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

Read on and enjoy.

To your health and abundance.



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Table of Contents


  • Gift of Giving
  • Favourite Quotes
  • Inspiration
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Psychic Power
  • Opportunity Knocks
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Gift of Giving – A Gift for You


As Jim Rohn said:


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We really hope you get as much pleasure and knowledge out of it as we did.

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Favourite Quotes


“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.”
~Thomas Szasz, "Personal Conduct," The Second Sin, 1973~

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”
~Alan Alda~

“To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution.”
~Joe Cordare~

“Quality begins on the inside... and then works its way out.”
~Bob Moawad~ – Your Place to Be!




Self Hypnosis Induction Script


By Charles E. Henderson, Ph.D


Follow these easy instructions to develop a hypnotic state. Hypnosis feels amazing. And the results can be awesome. And it's so easy you'll be asking yourself why someone didn't tell you about this a long time ago!


Everyone – ANYONE! – can tap into the seemingly miraculous powers of self-hypnosis.


This is an induction script for practicing self-hypnosis. It can be used as a guide to "thinking" your way down, or it can be recorded and listened to during practice.


The Procedure


I am starting my self-hypnosis session now. From now until I say 'wake up' I will get more and more relaxed and focused within myself. Suggestions I give myself will be effective, but this will apply to only those suggestions I give myself and which I consciously want to be effective.


"As I close my eyes and begin to drift downward, I can imagine a blanket covering my feet. Every part of my body covered by the blanket will become completely relaxed. My feet are becoming deeply relaxed. All of the muscles in my feet are becoming limp and relaxed.  

Now the blanket is moving up to my knees. Every muscle and tendon in my body from my knees down is getting more and more relaxed. All tension is flowing out of this area, leaving all the muscles limp and loose. 

Now the blanket is moving slowly up to my waist. As it moves upward everything is becoming relaxed. As it reaches my waist I can hardly feel anything from there down. All the muscles in my hips, lower abdomen, legs and feet are becoming progressively more and more relaxed.  

All cares are flowing out of my mind. If a thought does intrude I will just gently let it go away. I am thinking only of relaxing and letting go of all tension. All of my muscles are becoming more and more relaxed, and I am feeling pleasantly drowsy. I will not go to sleep, but I am feeling so carefree and relaxed, sinking further and further into myself with no cares or worries. 

Please keep in mind that most people get better, faster results with a professionally prepared induction recording.

Now the blanket is moving upward, moving slowly over my stomach, inching up over my chest, stopping at my shoulders. All of the muscles in my stomach and back are letting go, becoming totally and completely relaxed. The relaxation is like a warmness, spreading to every place covered by the blanket. The muscles in my chest and arms are getting more and more limp. I could move if I really had to, but I am becoming so comfortably limp and relaxed I don't want to move. I am still and relaxed, drifting deeper and deeper into a pleasant state of dreamy relaxation. 

Now the warmth and relaxation are slowly moving upward from my shoulders. The blanket is remaining there, but the relaxation is gently moving upward in my neck. All muscles in my neck are becoming limp and flaccid. I can see them in my mind's eye, becoming limp and loose. All cares and worries are floating away as I drift deeper and deeper into my relaxation. 

Now the relaxation is spreading into my mouth and jaw muscles. My tongue is limp, resting in my mouth with no need to be tense. I may briefly have more saliva in my mouth, but that will go away shortly. Now my cheeks and eyes are relaxing. I could open my eyes if I wanted to, but unless I need to, it would be too much work. It would take too much effort to open my eyes. I am drifting pleasantly downward, becoming more and more relaxed.  

The muscles in my forehead are becoming more and more relaxed. I can imagine them, like rubber bands across my forehead, becoming limp and floppy. Deeper and deeper, relaxing more and more. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I am becoming more and more relaxed, drifting downward, deeper and deeper. 

Now I am going to count down from twenty-five. As I count down I will continue to drift down, pleasantly going deeper and deeper into the relaxation. I will get drowsy and deeply relaxed, but I will not actually go to sleep. I will simply drift deeper and deeper into my self-hypnotic state of deeply relaxed awareness. By the time I reach zero I will be in a very pleasant, sleep-like state. I will still be able to direct my thoughts, and I could rouse myself immediately if I needed to, but unless I really need to, I will drift deeper and deeper into the relaxation.  

Starting down now . . . twenty-five . . . twenty-four . . . twenty-three . . . twenty-two . . . drifting deeper and deeper with each count . . . twenty-one . . . twenty . . . feeling drowsier and drowsier, yet still awake . . . nineteen . . . eighteen . . . seventeen . . . floating gently downward with each count . . . sixteen . . . fifteen . . . fourteen . . . drifting, drowsy . . . thirteen . . . twelve . . . eleven . . . ten . . . more than half-way down, drifting deeper and deeper with each count . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . feeling so relaxed . . . four . . . becoming more and more relaxed and drowsy . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . zero. Breathing pleasantly, slowly, drifting deeper and deeper with each breath.  

As I continue to be deeply relaxed, and to become even more relaxed, I am thinking about my suggestions.  

[At this point insert your suggestions.]  

All of the suggestions I have given myself will be effective because they are right for me and it is good that I should achieve them. All of the directions I have given myself are good for me and I will follow them.  

Each time I practice self-hypnosis I will become better and better at it. I will be able to relax deeper and deeper in less time with each practice.  

Now, as I count to three, I am going to slowly, gradually, pleasantly wake up. I will return to my normal, waking state, except for the suggested changes. Now, starting up . . . one . . . becoming more alert . . . two, getting ready to wake up . . . three, wake up." 


“There is just one life for each of us:  our own.”

~Euripides~ – Your Place to Be!


Expand Your Knowledge


Everything you have always wanted to know about colour in one splendid and extensive course covering the healing energies and attributes of colour.

When you complete this course you will be in the position to know and understand the power of colour in your life as well as to practice as a colour healing therapist complete with certification.

It has been proven over and over again Colour Affects Everything. Colour is ENERGY Made Visable.

As a healer using the beautiful healing energies, no matter which branch of healing you practice or specialise in by adding an understanding of the power of the healing energies in colour your powers and abilities will be greatly improved.

By adding this knowledge to your practice you will enhance and multiply your ability to apply healing energies.

Do you know how colour affects you in your daily life?

Don’t let anyone fool you, the colours around you, the colours you choose to wear all affect your daily life

As colour applies its energetic power to your physical and mental being, imagine knowing what to wear to influence a situation, or what colours to surround yourself with to create the mood you desire.

Without a doubt, and this we can tell you from personal experience, as we use these techniques and systems in our daily lives this is must have knowledge that will change every aspect of your life, from manifesting abundance to health, wealth, love and happiness.

This course has been put together by us, it is unique in that it comprises nearly 200 pages of "pure gold" without the hype, it is full of indispensable knowledge and skills that are a must have for anyone including experienced healers and the beginner alike.

We have laid this course out in clear sections covering everything you would need to know about the healing energy of colour including:

  • Beautiful graphics to help you understand the concepts we are putting across. Exercises to complete that will enhance your ability as a healer to feel and attune into the energies.
  • Specialised, dedicated, meditations that you can learn and that will allow you to feel the benefits of the colour healing energies.
  • On completion you will have the opportunity to be certified, which will include you receiving a frame-able certificate that you can proudly display.

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Psychic Power


Have you ever had an encounter with a true psychic?

Did you know psychic’s can connect with the Angels, Ascendant Masters, Guides, Your Higher Self and Passed over Relatives and Friends who can all offer you guidance and direction.

Roenel Evans is just such a gifted person.

Roenel is internationally acclaimed and using your name and date of birth she can give you a detailed account of your life past, present and future including guidelines that will help you manifest the abundance you deserve.

This is where you get very lucky, and remember this has come to you because at some time you put the thought out into the universe.

You manifested this opportunity into your life - Take it now.

Roenel is giving you this opportunity without you having to leave your home.

Get your personal reading, delivered directly to you, INCLUDING the opportunity to ask her 3 specific, personal, questions of your choice.

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Opportunity Knocks

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That’s right you heard me, what we have done is to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge on any one of a number of topics.

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