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your WOW - Words of Wisdom
July 27, 2012

Learn Energy Healing - Easy as 1-2-3!

I've Done the Hard Work so You Can Benefit!

Welcome to my School of Healing with Energy where supporting your Natural Healing Path is our Mission!

Here you can learn the healing arts... easy as 1-2-3... at affordable prices. On our campus you will find a number of energy healing courses, wall charts and the tools necessary to become an energy healer and Reiki master. No matter where you are on your healing journey we have the exact tools for you to help you succeed and go forward.

May these Words of Wisdom, light your journey and leave footprints of love in your heart bringing you hope, joy, happiness and health in body, mind and spirit.

Today's W O W

Words of Wisdom

To your magnificence, walk in love

Elmarie Swartz


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Healing Journeys Energy

We are ALL Healers and we ALL deserve healing!

With Crystal Energy Healing you CAN heal your Life!

Just imagine how much more you could do... if you could tap into the amazing power of Quartz to feel great and energized everyday! So if you’re ready to turn your life around and finally create the life you deserve, then this course is for you.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an alternative or complementary energy healing medicine technique or modality that employs gemstones and crystals as healing tools. The crystals supply and enhance energy. They have no ill or side effects. They give the cells the necessary energy, which is vital for repairing and maintaining health of an individual.

A medical doctor treats the physical body; a psychologist counsels the mind and emotions; and the spiritual leaders and priests attend to the soul. The practitioner of crystal healing must work to balance everything... the mind, body, emotions and soul or spirit. Learn about this and more... enroll now!

The Power Of Quartz - A Course in Crystals

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Crystal Healing eBooks - Study Tools and Aids ... All for under $5!

HJE's Crystal Healing Pocket Book Series

Healing Journeys Energy

Healing is a journey... the destination is YOU!

Healing Journeys Energy - School of Energy Healing

Healing Journeys Energy

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Healing Journeys Energy


With a little self-confidence, success-minded motivation, a little creativity, a winners attitude, some effective communication and positive thinking, properly organized, we can make order and clarity out of any chaotic set of circumstances.

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Healing Journeys Energy
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