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your WOW - Words of Wisdom
July 13, 2012

Healing Journeys Energy - School of Energy Healing

Supporting your Natural Healing Path is our Mission!

Just for a moment imagine what it would be like if you could, at will, tap into the incredible power of healing with energy. On our campus you will find a number of energy healing courses, wall charts and the tools necessary to become an Reiki master. No matter where you are on your healing journey we have the exact tools for you to help you succeed and go forward.

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May these Words of Wisdom, light your journey and leave footprints of love in your heart bringing you hope, joy, happiness and health in body, mind and spirit.

Today's W O W

Words of Wisdom

To your magnificence, walk in love

Elmarie Swartz


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Healing Journeys Energy

We are ALL Healers and we ALL deserve healing!

Are Weaknesses in your Chakra System Sabotaging your Life?

Isn’t it time you put your life in your own hands?

The sheer scope of challenges we face in life can be jarring, which is why learning about your Chakra System is a priceless lifelong asset because it puts your life back in your hands by allowing you, at any given time, to know which area of your life needs improving, and most importantly know exactly how to improve it. So if you’re ready to turn your Chakras into your closest allies and finally create the life you deserve, then this course is for you.

Chakra Communication Functions

Because chakras dictate or assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes, they function like revolving doors between these four dimensions of your humanness. Your emotions can affect your physical health; your self judgements can alter your relationship with Divine Source; your physical well-being can have an impact on your effectiveness in the world. Therefore, the chakras also serve a communication function. Basically, each chakra can communicate with your internal and external worlds, which means that each chakra has seperate physical, psychic and intuitive means of expressing its needs and desires and the needs and desires of your whole being. ~Excerpt from New Chakra Healing by Cindi Dale~ Learn about this and more... enroll now!

The Chakra Course

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HJE's Crystal Healing Pocket Book Series

Healing Journeys Energy

Healing is a journey... the destination is YOU!

Healing Journeys Energy - School of Energy Healing

Healing Journeys Energy

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Healing Journeys Energy


With a little self-confidence, success-minded motivation, a little creativity, a winners attitude, some effective communication and positive thinking, properly organized, we can make order and clarity out of any chaotic set of circumstances.

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Healing Journeys Energy
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