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February 05, 2013


If you have not received your certification for your completed courses or you have asked questions and not received answers PLEASE resubmit all your course dissertations and/or questions to

Please accept my humble apologies. With a rude awakening it came to my attention that all and I mean all emails that has be sent to has been disappearing into the big bit bucket in the sky.

My web host is investigating but so far I have received no answer as to why this is happening. As soon as I know their answer if need be I will update all my courses to a working email address.

To your magnificence, walk in love

Elmarie Swartz

Healing Journeys Energy

We are ALL Healers and we ALL deserve healing!

On our campus you will find a number of Energy Healing Courses, Wall Charts and the tools necessary to become an Reiki Master. No matter where you are on your healing journey we have the exact tools for you to help you succeed and go forward.

Healing Journeys Energy

Healing is a journey... the destination is YOU!

Healing Journeys Energy - School of Energy Healing

Healing Journeys Energy

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Healing Journeys Energy
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