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your WOW - Words of Wisdom
September 14, 2012

May these Words of Wisdom, light your journey and leave footprints of love in your heart bringing you hope, joy, happiness and health in body, mind and spirit.

Today's W O W

Words of Wisdom

To your magnificence, walk in love

Elmarie Swartz

P.S.We are ALL Healers and we ALL deserve healing! Enroll today and start your healing journey!

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  • If you want to CHANGE
  • If you want to HEAL
  • If you want to CONNECT
  • If you want to DISCOVER
  • If you want to CREATE

Isn’t it time you put your life in your own hands?

The sheer scope of challenges we face in life can be jarring, which is why learning to heal yourself is a priceless lifelong asset because it puts your life back in your hands by allowing you, at any given time, to heal any area of your life whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. So if you’re ready to become your own closest ally and finally create the life you deserve, then these courses are for you.

The Energy Body Course

The Power of Quartz - A Course in Crystal Healing

Now at last... these charts are available to you.

Put these Healing Charts up in your healing room to quickly and easily remind and guide you as you work with the energies.

Healing Charts

Healing Journeys Energy

Who am I? I have been deeply involved in the study and practice of natural healing therapies for well over 15 years. My story starts way back in 1988 which is the "before part" of my life and I would like to share it with you in the belief that if you were to know a little more about me you will understand why, after having "healed" my own life I am so passionate about helping others achieve the same. I am a work in progress... a journey in motion... read my story!

FREE Healing Tools - Healing is a journey... the destination is YOU!

Free Healing Tools for You!

Healing Journeys Energy

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Healing Journeys Energy


With a little self-confidence, success-minded motivation, a little creativity, a winners attitude, some effective communication and positive thinking, properly organized, we can make order and clarity out of any chaotic set of circumstances.

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Healing Journeys Energy
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