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This magazine is designed with you in mind. It is our intention to help you continue and grow as you journey on your path of healing and abundance.

Below you will find a “Table of Contents” which will help guide you through the various topics we have chosen to discuss in this issue.

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Table of Contents

A Special Release

A Recommendation

Psychic Healing

It’s Your Turn

A Special Release

We know that when you signed up you we given a copy of Elmarie book “Crystal Grids and You” well here is the good news we have started our Library of healing tools that will be exclusively available to you as a valued subscriber.

This library will continue to grow over time so please keep your user name and password that you will find below.

At this time you will find the book "Messages from the Masters" as well as 7 wall charts covering Reiki, Chakras Color and more.

As an added bonus we have included 2 stunning Numerology Analyzers that you can also use.


Your Username is. hje1594u

Your Password is. Welcome

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The Sedona Method offers a unique, simple, easy-to-learn yet powerful and totally effective technique of removing blockages.

This simple tool will ensure that you once and for all remove any old blockages that you may have regarding your career, abundance, passionate romances, weight loss, health, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, bad habits or addiction, depression or having more happiness, joy and boundless energy, the list is endless.

Our mind, when we least expect it, c an mount a barrage of defences to prevent us from achieving our goals and our potential. As I said before we have used the course and continue to do so in our daily lives. The Sedona Method works.

The course complete with comprehensive workbooks is disk based and you can work through it at you own pace, additional work books are available which saves you from either having to copy or purchase a complete new course for another family member.

Complete the course in stages with your partner or on your own and we guarantee you an immediate and marked difference from day one continuing as learn more and practice the technique.

Remember if you want something to work … you have to work at it. No new skill or technique is ever mastered without practice.

We are so confident of the the Sedona Course that you will receive, at no cost to yourself, a “F*R*E*E* Introduction” on CD with the first technique before you commit yourself.

https://www.healing-journeys-energy.com – Your Place to Be!

Psychic Healing

Have you ever had an encounter with a true psychic?

Psychic’s can connect with the Angels, Ascendant Masters, Guides, Your Higher Self and Passed over Relatives and Friends who can all offer you guidance and direction. Roenel Evans is just such a gifted person.

Roenel is internationally acclaimed and using your name and date of birth she can give you a detailed account of your life past, present and future including guidelines that will help you manifest the abundance you deserve.

This is where you get very lucky, and remember this has come to you because at some time you put the thought out into the universe, Roenel is going to be making this opportunity available to you without you having to leave your home.

In a very short while we will be advising you of her new web address, in “Another Point of View”, where you can get your personal reading as well as have the opportunity to ask her 3 specific questions of your choice.

Keep watching your mail box for your invitation.

https://www.healing-journeys-energy.com – Your Place to Be!

It’s Your Turn.

How would you like to add your own contribution to this publication?

That’s right you heard me, what we have done for you is to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge on any one of a number of topics.

You know something other people, just like you, are dying to learn, why not share, 3 things are guaranteed to happen.

1. The universe will bless you for sharing. 2. You will have your very own web page that you can share with family and friends. (they will also have an opportunity to make a comment on your submission)

What is your passion, can you tell us something about your experience with Crystals, or about the Angels how have they changed your life, do you practice or have you had an experience with Reiki you would like to share, or have you read a book or purchased a product that have affected you and you would like others to know about. This is your chance – go for it!

https://www.healing-journeys-energy.com – Your Place to Be!

A Favour

We are sure you know someone who would appreciate getting this magazine. Take a moment and hit the “forward” button and send it on, you will be blessed.

Oh yes I forgot to mention have you got your complimentary membership to the Energy Healers Library it’s yours with no obligation. https://www.healing-journeys-energy.com/Healing-Power-Of-Energy.html#1 (If this link doesn’t work just copy and paste it into your browser.)

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