The Power of Quartz - Crystal Healing Session - Summation

by Brook Van Fleet

1. Third Party Session-Chakra Layout

The session began with me clearing my space with Palo Santo, turning on relaxing music, and lighting a few chakra candles. I then set up my massage table and created a grid around and underneath the table. I used 10 generator clear quartz crystals (about 4inches tall and 1 ½ inches wide) around the table on the floor. Underneath the table, I used a large quartz cluster in the middle with 2 smaller clusters on either side. All of the clear quartz was infused with love and light by utilizing the dedicating and charging method in Section IV. I found that to be very powerful. I feel that the quartz grid really amplifies the healing session. I selected the Chakra Layout because that was what the client was most familiar with.

Once my space was ready, I invited my client in. Before we started the session we began discussing the healing/curing dichotomy. The client had Reiki sessions before but not a crystal healing. I explained that it is similar, but not only will I use my hands to channel the energy into the area of the Chakras, I would be using crystals as well. I had asked the client if there was a specific area she wanted to work on, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The client stated she had female problems. The doctor stated she had abnormal cells on her cervix. At that point, I knew I should pay close attention to the sacral area.

The client lies down on the massage table and I covered her with a white sheet. She stated she usually gets cold when she has healing work done. I asked her to close her eyes and take some deep breaths. Let her body relax. I explained that I would be placing crystals on her Chakra points and at any time if she feels uncomfortable in any way let me know.

Before I began, I asked for Divine guidance through a personal prayer. I asked the client to envision white light coming down into her crown chakra and out through her root chakra, focusing on healing the chakras. I then used my pendulum at each chakra site (I use my pendulum for reassurance sometimes I second guess myself). I noticed that her root chakra, sacral, and heart chakra were blocked. The energy was not flowing in those areas. I then turned to my stones. I first placed 2 pieces of Hematite at the base of her feet, to assist in grounding. The chakra stones used: Root –Hematite, Sacral-Carnelian, Solar Plexus-Citrine, Heart-Rose Quartz, Throat-Blue Lace Agate, Third Eye-Amethyst, and Crown- Clear Quartz. I placed my power hand over each Chakra to connect with the client’s body as well as the crystals.

I felt guided to go back to the sacral due to her female problems. I created a circular grid using more Carnelians and alternating Clear Quartz. I did the same with Rose Quartz at the heart Chakra. While I was doing the healing, I received a sense of sadness, embarrassment. I felt she was lacking self-love. She didn’t feel good about herself.

Before ending the session, I used my pendulum again to check the Chakra centers. They were all open! I could feel the spinning energy. I then quietly asked the client how she was doing. She stated she could feel heat flowing through her body especially in her Sacral Chakra. She also stated she felt very peaceful. I asked her to continue lying down while I removed the crystals. Once the crystals were removed she sat up.

explained to her that I found that the Root, Sacral, and the Heart Chakra were blocked. She stated, “It is not a surprise”. I told her what I had sensed during the healing. She told me, I was right on. Due to her female issues she has felt ashamed of herself. She thinks she could have received the HPV virus from her last boyfriend. She is waiting for the results from the doctor. I explained to her that crystals can help calm her fears as well heal the emotional and physical body. We also had a long discussion regarding our soul’s mission and how things happen to us for a reason. The session lasted for 2 hours. When the client left she gave me a great big hug and thanked me. The client called me 3 days later and once again expressed her gratitude. She told me she has been feeling great. She also went and bought some crystals. She plans on coming back for another session next week.

2. Self-Healing Session

My personal goal for the year is to completely end my migraine headaches. I have suffered from debilitating migraines for years. The symptoms include blurred vision and vomiting. Doctors have wanted me to take medication and I have refused. I am going to heal myself! I have changed my diet, did a detox, see my chiropractor, and utilize my crystals on a daily basis. My migraines have gone from 2 a week to once every 4 -5 months. I have seen some dramatic changes.

I use three different lay- outs/ techniques that work wonderfully.

1. Once a week I utilize a Chakra Healing Meditation with my Chakra crystal set. Root –Hematite, Sacral-Carnelian, Solar Plexus-Citrine, Heart-Rose Quartz, Throat-Blue Lace Agate, Third Eye-Amethyst, and Crown- Clear Quartz.

I lie on my bed with my headphones on and work on opening up my Chakra centers, this last about 30 minutes. I usually do this on Sunday night.

2. I use a simple layout that helps balance the brow chakra. It helps ease eye strain from working on the computer as well as reduce headaches. When I return home from work before I cook dinner, help my daughter with homework, and any other single mom duties. I go up to my bed room, Palo Santo my room (It feels great to clear negative energies that attached from work), lie on my bed, and take 5 deep breaths. I then place a Herkimer diamond on the center of my forehead. Then place 3 triangle shaped pieces of Fluorite around my head near my hairline. I relax for about 5-10 minutes. Then I remove the crystals and start my evening duties. It really recharges me. I find I have more patience with my daughter. I do this at least 3-4 times a week.

3. Lastly, I keep some Hematite in the freezer. If I feel a migraine coming on I place 3 pieces of Hematite on my head. Ideally, I lie down and place 2 at the base of my head and 1 on my forehead. This can be done sitting in a chair. The coldness of the stone is very soothing and helps release the pressure. Thanks to my crystals I know longer reach for an Advil.

I love my crystal beings!!!! I don’t think I could ever live a day without them. Thank you for the opportunity to take this class. It took me a good 9 months to finish the course. It was well worth it. I did read through the material twice. Great material!

Thanks again! Lots of Love!

Brook Van Fleet

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Nov 11, 2015
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Aug 04, 2013
Well done!
by: Anonymous

Brook, thank you so much for summation, congratulations and well done. I am delighted once again to hear just how powerful our "Rock Friends of the Mineral Kingdom" are on our healing paths. Thank you for bringing "Palo Santo" to my attention, I will definitely try it as I have not used it before.

Walk in love

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