Power of Quartz Course - Certification Final

by Kiayanna Pennebaker

I am a crystal child, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapist and certified level 2 Reiki practitioner. I have had past life regressions done to help me to recall my life in the Golden Age of Atlantis, where I was a Priestess and life was truly beautiful, in which we co-existed with unicorns! (I still have a unicorn as a power animal with me in this life, she can charge, cleanse and align all my chakras in a flash if I don’t have time to cleanse myself!) I bring all my knowledge of crystal healing from that life, along with being a crystal child, since I use my intuition to choose crystals for their amazing healing energies.

Crystal children and experts alike know that looks can be deceiving when it comes to crystals; you don’t buy a crystal by the way it looks we buy them for their energy.

Being an Angel Intuitive, I work closely with Archangel Raphael, who is my spiritual teacher and mentor. Archangels Raphael and Michael are always present in my healings. Archangel Raphael helps guide me on which crystals to use as well as telling me if I need to use my pendulum to check the chakras after a healing (to verify they are open, the right size and healthy). He is always teaching me new things! I just learned about ear chakras and how to cleanse those.

Archangel Michael is there for protection and to cut any cords or attachments I find on my clients. After Archangel Michael cuts these etheric cords, Archangel Raphael will then fill these holes up with this heavenly healing ‘putty’ that instantly fills in the holes. I wouldn’t believe it unless I’ve seen it, and I have.

I have read and own many books on crystal healing, therapy, grids and crystal body layouts. I have seen some very complex crystal layouts which require 50 or more crystals. Simplicity is key for me in my healings although some people may prefer the 50 crystal complex layout, this is something I don’t see the need for. If Archangel Raphael tells me to do that someday, then I will but for now I keep it very simple and have a basic charka healing kit, with two crystals for each chakra (as well as a sunstone, lithium quartz and amethyst pendulum) that I carry along with me during travel.

To start my healings, I always ask for protection by putting myself in a bubble of white light and grounding myself. I always do a quick meditation prior to any healing or Angel readings. The only crystal that truly works to ground me, are my Boji Stones.

Being such a spiritual being, with a close connection to the Angels and heaven, I have a hard time staying grounded here on earth. I am always in the clouds in my third eye & crown chakras. If I am without my Boji’s, black tourmaline can help. I then call on my three personal angels to be present, and call for Archangels Michael & Raphael to assist me.

I use lithium quartz to scan my client’s aura to find any rips, tears or holes. I start by rubbing a tumbled lithium quartz between my hands to warm up my hand chakras, when I feel the buzz, I know I am ready.

I have my client stand up so I can start from head to toe, scanning their aura. I then go behind them and scan the sides as well. If their aura has tears/rips, I use the lithium quartz over the spot(s) that need healing, and then I channel Angelic healing through Archangel Raphael. When he assures me they are done (or intuitively I know) we move on to the chakras. I grab my sunstone to make my hand chakras buzz again, after removing any previous energy on me.

Archangel Raphael taught me that sunstone is an amazing healing crystal as it can fix, align and repair any chakra. I scan each chakra, from crown to root, paying close attention to my intuition and signs from Raphael. If I sense something is off, I usually get a picture in my third eye, hear something telepathically (that is how I communicate with the angels) or I use my clairsentience to feel where it is off balance.

My client is a personal friend I’ve known for 12 years. She came to me for an Angel reading one weekend and during the reading I could tell her heart chakra needed major work done & I wanted to help her. The Angels had me write down heart chakra twice in her reading, which is double confirmation as I already felt that it was off during her reading, especially when we talked about love.

So after her reading, I reassured my bubble shield and scanned her aura, which had just one tear. I used the lithium quartz on the torn aura spot (on her back) and gently repaired it by channeling Archangel Raphael’s healing energy. (In
the beginning I forgot to say specifically to channel HIS energy - Angelic healing, as I was using my own and didn’t realize why I was so drained after healings, until Raphael taught me what I was doing wrong. Keep in mind I am 35 and have only been doing Angel readings & healing for about a year, so I am still learning).

I started with her crown chakra which was shut off, which I have seen on non-psychic people before. I went down to her third eye, which was off balance and too small, to her throat which was the same, then I got to her heart & realized it was really bad & that was the main issue to heal. Her back heart chakra was closed off completely. I saw a pothole cover (like in the street) in my third eye, which is a sign from the angels that it was “shut off”.

I knew this was why she didn’t have a relationship and hadn’t for years, why she felt she wasn’t worthy of love and the other issues that I came up during her reading. I noticed her solar plexus was too large as it was taking on the energy of the shut off heart charka and it was swollen. All of her chakras needed to be aligned, balanced and restored to perfect balance. Only her root chakra seemed normal.

I had her lie down, face up, and I grabbed my rose quartz coin that I use in healings and put that on her heart chakra first. Raphael told me to get a green aventurine tumble as well for her heart, which I placed next to the rose quartz. I put a blue lace agate on her throat chakra, a citrine on her solar plexus, carnelian on her sacral and an amethyst on her third eye. I was instructed not to do anything to her crown chakra and I always follow the Angels instructions. I had a clear quartz point in each of her hands, right hand facing her fingers, left hand facing her wrist.

I then asked Archangel Raphael to begin his healing and started on her third eye and went down each chakra. I felt I was close but she still needed additional healing. I used my pendulum and found her heart chakra was still off, the rest were repaired. I had her lie on her stomach and I placed the rose quartz and green aventurine on her back heart chakra and began healing again. I checked her back chakras with the pendulum after I sent her healing energy and it confirmed she was finally better. She has been a regular client since!

For my personal healing, I was going through a mild depression. I didn’t know at the time but I had a lower thought form attached to my aura. I didn’t want to meditate or do anything spiritual, my ego was triggered and I was a mess. I finally called on Archangel Raphael to help me to heal myself.

I grounded and protected myself in my bubble shield as always, and asked Raphael what I needed to do. He told me to scan my aura really good. (He doesn’t always tell me exactly what I will find; he gives me hints to figure it out myself, as I am his student). I found this black cloud thing attached to me and he told me to get rid of it ASAP!

So I did, I took it off my aura & sent it to the white light to be blessed and cleansed. (I’ve also seen ‘snail’ attachments usually on people’s ankles, they look like slugs with a shell but not the same shape as a snail and they aren’t nice). I then used my pendulum to confirm which of my chakras needed healing.

The most obvious was my solar plexus (where the ego lives) and my heart was messed up from that as well. I felt unloved and unworthy of love so I shut my heart chakra off, which made my solar plexus smaller but my throat chakra larger and off balance so I felt I couldn’t communicate and had that tickle in your throat you get before you get sick.

I laid down and put the rose quartz coin on my heart, blue lace agate on my throat, yellow aventurine for my solar plexus and apophyllite for my crown chakra (as I shut it off). My root and sacral chakras were fine. I asked Archangel Raphael to help me heal myself and laid my hands over each crystal as I do in any healing and he fixed, aligned and opened my heart and crown chakra.

I immediately felt better, my depression and the negative thoughts that were bombarding me, were silenced and gone! My sore throat went away after & I didn’t get sick!

I thanked Archangel Raphael for helping me to feel better and he assured me he is always here with me to help!

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