Munay Ki Rites of Transformation

The Munay Ki Rites are now available in South Africa to those wanting to teach the Munay Ki and pass the Rites on to others, and for those who want to experience truly extraordinary shifts in consciousness. Experience one giant leap for mankind in transformation and consciousness.

Munay Ki International Teachers Training
JHB - 13,14 April 2013
DBN - 11, 12 May 2013
Bookings are essential.
Limited to 12 people only!

The Munay Ki Rites are the essence of the nine great rites of shamanic initiation on the Shamans Path of the Q'ero nation, the decendants of the Inca.These Rites of Passage were traditionally only given after having spend many years in sacred study, however this has changed.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time as a period of great transformation, a time to make an extraordinary difference in the world. The time of hierarchy, ego-power and control is over.

They foretell of a new human appearing on the planet - a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature (true, extraordinary form), accepting stewardship for all creation.

The Munay-Ki hold these codes for the new human.

In the time building up to the great shift the Q’ero shamans of the Andes felt it was time for these 9 Munay Ki Rites to be transmitted to as many people as possible.

One Giant Leap for Mankind!

The transmission of these rites of passage provide the seeds that awaken us to our essential nature - our highest Soul’s journey.

The Munay Ki Rites consist of nine energetic transmissions, that transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity – to realign and attune your neuropathways and shift human consciousness into its ‘new form, healing the wounds of the past - your karmic & genetic inheritance.

By receiving these rites your DNA shifts, enabling you to grow a new body - one that ages, heals, and dies differently, bringing balance and harmony to all areas of your life.

As you experience the nine Rites of the Munay-Ki, you will feel the presence and wisdom of the luminous beings who have broken out of linear time (earth time) and dwell in sacred time, free from karma and re-birth. You will awaken the healer within and feel a deeper awareness of your own spiritual energies, transcending all time and space, to connect back and remember ancient memories.

Anyone can receive the Munay-Ki Rites, with no previous healing or shamanic experience required.

As you heal yourself it echoes along all generations healing the past and the future.

The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

Munay Ki is the teaching of love ~ pure undiluted love ~ the way of gentleness ~ the way of the heart ~
~ Love is where True Power lies ~

Benefits of receiving the Munay Ki Rites:

  • Strengthens and activates your intuition and healing gifts
  • Activates essential protection
  • Heals and balances your inner feminine and masculine
  • Balances the four elements - fire, water, earth and air - within the self
  • The ageing process slows down
  • Opens and facilitates healing of your heart chakra
  • Enables you to access more brainpower
  • Gives you a stronger connection to the Archangels
  • Activates communication with your guides and helps you to perceive energies with your physical eyes (not just your inner or mind’s eye)
  • Enables you to access more soul creativity
  • Accelerates your spiritual evolution by extraordinary shifts in your consciousness
  • Enables you to stand in your own power, assert your boundaries and take back control of your life!
  • Increases and enhances your capacity and ability to create
  • Assists you to manifest and co-create at a faster pace
  • Allows you to be much more present (present moment living)

The 9 Munay Ki Rites are:

  • Healer’s Rite
  • Bands of Power Rite
  • Harmony Rite
  • Seer’s Rite
  • Daykeeper’s Rite
  • Wisdomkeeper’s Rite
  • Earthkeepers Rite
  • Starkeeper’s Rite
  • Creator Rite

Once you receive these Rites, they are for eternity. A sacred union, a joining of your world with these luminous beings of love.

Munay Ki Workshops South Africa
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