Energy Healing Course Dissertation

by Elisha Marie Kayne

So many people in today’s western society feel isolated, powerless and exhausted. We allow others to control every aspect of our lives. The government tells us what to do through laws and regulations. Our bosses tell us to abandon our spiritual purpose in exchange for security. We are dependent on the acceptance of our friends and families to the point where few are free to be their authentic self, and instead choose a narrow path of conformity in order to feel respected, supported and loved. Our religious leaders tell us that the path to God is external, that the only way to find salvation from our sinful ways is to beg for forgiveness from a God who will otherwise torture you for eternity. Fear, suppression and powerlessness are the environment in which our souls have chosen to be born into during this time of transition, and it is very difficult to break away from this structure.

The first step to healing is to recognize the light inside. That might seem simple; however for most of us this step can take years of therapy, energy work, prayer and meditation. After decades of being conditioned to obsess over our lack, it is a challenge to realize that abundance is within our grasp. That the whole reservoir of the universe lays dormant inside until we choose to bravely reawaken it and submit to the initiation it requires to fully acknowledging our spiritual essence.

I truly believe that a spiritual healer does not ‘fix’ or ‘save’ somebody because that would imply to the client that only someone else can save them. Rather I believe an energy worker gently guides their clients to discover themselves so they can develop their own healing and intuition. Once someone has realized the control they have over their own reality, suddenly the doorway opens to other possibility.

Next, I would investigate what physical ailments they have. Are they experiencing diabetes, arthritis, migraines, fertility problems etc. Because physical dis-ease is a way of our spirit forcing us to recognize our imbalance, finding the source of our physical pain and illnesses will lead us to
the spiritual essence of the underlying problem. This can be done through studying acupressure/acupuncture and reflexology. By studying the places in our etheric body that absorbs, excretes and moves forward the energy from the Universe, we can discover where this flow is getting blocked and work on those areas in order to release the energy.

At that point, I would lead them through many healing sessions using crystals, sound, color and bodywork in order to bring the clients vibration up a little at a time, awakening the dormant energy in them. At this point I would simply be a facilitator, sitting with the client as they experience their own self-awareness. I would teach them techniques they can use in their daily life to shed negative energy, harness positive energy and keep them balanced. By giving them the tools for spiritual health, they can live a life that is closer to empowerment and happiness.

A lot of people suffering from victimization, powerlessness and/or depression have entered a cycle of perpetrator, victim, and savior. Powerlessness is such a low vibration, that in order to raise themselves higher, and thus to feel better, is by climbing into a state of fear, control, intimidation etc. People stay in this destructive circle by giving their power away, and in turn stealing it from others. The path to balanced self-empowerment is not by taking energy from others, thus depleting the supply. People who play victims beg for their cups to be filled, perpetrators siphon the water out of the cups of those around them and saviors constantly pour their water out for everyone, feeding a system of helplessness. By showing them that their cup can be filled by the source of creation, by connecting with the divine energy of the Universe, they tap into a fountain with a limitless supply of water. When their cup is full, it will naturally flow out, bringing everyone else around them up without force or manipulation. My job is to help them see this fountain of energy and help them learn to balance, maintain and disperse the energy in a healthy way.

- Elisha Marie Kayne

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