Crystal Healing Session - The Power of Quartz – A Course in Crystals Dissertation

by SimranPreet Kaur

For the third party session, I asked my friend Laura Michelle to come over. We trade Reiki sessions quite a bit, and have also been working with crystals intuitively for a while now. Energetically, she keeps herself in pretty good shape, but I wanted to do a slightly modified Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing technique with her because she has been incredibly busy lately, and has been on the road for workshops quite a bit. Her energy levels were getting pretty low and I could tell that she needed some cleansing, balancing, and recharging.

I recently went to a gem and mineral show and picked up a wide variety of quartz crystals to begin working with. Last week, I cleansed all my crystals as suggested using water, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar solution. Before soaking them, I held each one in my hands and offered Reiki while intending that the crystal be cleared of all prior programming and any negative energies it had picked up in its lifetime. I then held each crystal in my left hand and blew from the base to the terminated point while maintaining the intent that it be cleared. Then I turned the crystal over and blew again from the base to the terminated point. I then soaked them in the solution for 15 minutes, rinsed them, and did a final soak in spring water and allowed them to air dry. After they dried, I gave them a little spritz of lavender water that I recently made with the intent of offering them some loving vibrations.

To charge the crystals, I held each one in my left hand, with my right hand over top of it, and envisioned white light streaming into it. I asked that each crystal be blessed with loving vibrations. The following week was a full moon, so I brought the crystals outside to charge in the moonlight for a couple of hours. I get the feeling they really enjoyed that.

We began our work by surrounding ourselves with white light, and calling on our guides and angels to protect us and assist our work, and gave thanks for their beautiful presence and love.

For the Aura cleansing, I pretty much followed the protocol laid out in the manual. Laura Michelle sat in the chair and I quickly scanned her aura to get a feel for what was happening with her. Her aura felt scattered to me, dense in some places and almost undetectable in others.

I used my largest quartz – my Generator quartz under the chair. (I really don’t like to choose favorites, but I really love that crystal! It has such a powerful vibration, and it actually feels quite good just to hold it. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to work with it, but the few times I have I could feel its energy quite intensely!) Because I only had one regular quartz crystal large enough to hold in my left (receiving) hand (point towards me), I used my Lemurian seed crystal in the right hand (points toward Laura) because of the appropriate size.

I then followed the instructions, started above the crown and used small circular
motions working my way down her body on the front, right, back, then left sides. Then I shook the energy out of the Lemurian crystal in my right hand and placed it on the table. Then I used my pendulum as suggested, starting at the crown. My pendulum turns counterclockwise for “yes” and clockwise for “no”, so in this case I just asked the pendulum to stop spinning when the chakra is balanced. This only took about 5 seconds.

Laura Michelle then lay on the Reiki table and I moved the Generator Quartz to her feet pointing towards the root chakra, and put my next largest crystal at the top of her head, pointing at the crown, and gave her a crystal to hold in each hand as instructed in the manual. I then used the pendulum starting at the third eye and worked my way down each chakra. It didn’t take long for each chakra to balance – I would say an average of about 20 seconds (the crown was the fastest).

Next, I used the Lemurian crystal in my right hand to make mostly circular patterns from her head down to her feet on the right side and then back up to the crown on the left side – then back and forth across the front of the body; except it seemed that I needed to make more of an infinity pattern across each chakra, so that is what I did. I focused my intent on unconditional love and ultimate health for Laura as I did this. Laura then turned over and I repeated the procedure on her back side.

I played a lovely 11 minute mantra for her as she continued to lie on the table for the crystals to complete their work. She was fast asleep by the time it was over.

I did another scan of her energy field before she got off the table. This time, it felt much more even and strong. The energy was dense and warm all around her, so it seemed to me that the technique worked exceptionally well.

We closed the session by giving our sincere thanks to the crystals, and our guides and angels for their presence and energy.

I asked her to describe her experience afterwards. She described going from feeling really heavy in the lower 3 chakras to feeling much more relaxed and balanced in those areas. She described seeing mainly green light as she closed her eyes, but also sometimes violet light. She also felt the presence of her guides with us while we worked. She said she felt the strength of that Generator quartz radiating into her from the floor while seated and up through her feet while lying down. (She also felt the energy of the other crystals, but she described that one as being really intense.) After the session, she felt much more centered, less scattered, and more loving. It was a really beautiful experience.

I enjoyed this technique quite a bit. It doesn’t take a lot of time for great results. I will definitely be using this technique again – I think it’s a really great way to start any energy healing session!

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May 30, 2013
Thank You!
by: Elmarie

Dear SimranPreet,

Thank you immensely for a well laid out and very informative dissertation, it makes my heart sing to welcome you to my family of love and light workers. I am always amazed by the power of our crystal friends eventhough I have been working with them for many years. My your path forward be filled with light, love and crystal blessings.

Walk in love

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