Crystal Healing Lay-Out for Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Aura Cleansing

by Jackie Pikula

Dissertation for Know & Heal Yourself - Crystal Self Healing Course


I placed crystals on each of my 7 main chakras: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown. I used an extra crystal below my base chakra for aura cleansing in general. I chose the crystal according to color, properties, or feel. Prior to my crystal healing session I was feeling a bit stressed and tired in general so particularly wanted crystals that were soothing and calming.

1. I started with a large white Calcite geode with I placed between my thighs just below the base chakra. Calcite is good for cleansing the auric field and all chakras in general. Calcite is also good for protection, grounding and centering, and can help bring inner peace.

2. For the base chakra I used a small, flat, Hematite stone. Hematite, because of it's dark grey color is generally used for the base chakra. I particularly chose Hematite for it's detoxing and relaxing properties.

3. My sacral chakra is mainly my weakest chakra. I chose a medium sized polished, red/brown tinted Cornaline stone. I like how Cornaline has a soothing effect on the emotions. Since I was feeling stressed, I new it would be good at calming my negative emotions. Contrary to other stones of it's color, Cornaline absorbs the energy instead of amplifying it.

4. For my Solar plexus, I was attracted to a pale yellow, round natural Citrine stone. Citrine is a popular stone to use for the Solar plexus chakra or sometimes the Sacral chakra. It is said that natural Citrine contains solidified sunlight. It emits joy and happiness.

5. For my heart chakra I chose a medium size Amethyst geode. Although I had a large choice of crystals in green and pink tones that I could have chosen for my heart chakra, I was attracted to Amethyst
in particular because I like the fact that is heals any holes in the auric field. It also stimulates a feeling of peace and serenity.

6. I placed a round polished Angelite stone for my throat chakra. Angelite similar to the other crystals I chose is useful for calming energy. It also removes fears and increases faith thus helping us get through difficult periods in our lives. It is a crystal that is well known for augmenting extra-sensorial perceptions.

7. Lapis Lazuli was the crystal that I chose for my 3rd eye. I am very attracted to the rich blue color of this crystal. I also find that it's a very powerful crystal for stimulating the 3rd eye compared to other bluish crystals. Besides for opening the 3rd eye, Lapis Lazuli has numerous useful properties such as helping with night time vision, hair growth, skin problems and allergies in general.

8. For my crown chakra, I used a rather large pointed clear Crystal Quartz. Although quartz crystals can be used on any chakra, they are particularly popular for the crown chakra. I pointed the crystal away from my body in order pull away the energy from my body.


I placed the crystals on my chakras for a total of 20 minutes. Five minutes into the session I could feel waves of energy throughout my body and all my chakras being stimulated. I felt blanketed with a feeling of peace. The stimulation was strongest in my base, heart and 3rd eye chakra. I would say the strongest energy of the 3 was in my 3rd eye. After the session, I felt calmer; more tonified and had a general feeling of my vibrations being lifted. Surprisingly, I could still feel the stimulation of my 3rd eye many minutes after my session.

Jackie Pikula

This Crystal Self-Healing Course is available at: "Know and Heal Yourself - Crystal Healing Course"

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