Crystal Healing for Leg Nerve Problem - Dissertation Know & Heal Yourself Crystal Course

by Louise Fiegl

I first truly became interested in Crystals for other then their beauty two years ago when my son, just one night had a shower and wasn’t able to walk on his left leg. It was purple, and the pain was so excruciating that neither he nor anyone else was able to touch it.

I took him to the doctor almost everyday for a month to try and determine what was causing this, but there were no answers to my questions, they had no idea why or how it happened and therefore had no advice for me except to just let it run it’s course and use pain killers to try to relieve the pain.

My son was 10 at the time and I was devastated to think that at 10 this was his life at the moment, just sitting! He wasn’t able to go to school because the pain would get too bad that he wasn’t able to concentrate.

I started researching everything I could on what was happening to him. I was desperate I couldn’t do nothing!

I then decided to search for natural healing methods that I could try.

That’s where I came across Crystals and their healing properties. But I wasn’t sure where to start and which one to try as it was all new to me.

I came across the Crystal Bible which allowed me to look at and find out what each Crystal did.

I was convinced his leg was purple due to lack of circulation.

Using the Crystal Bible I found Blood Stone, Hematite and Clear Quartz that I felt might be right for him.

I started with Blood Stone. First I cleansed it by holding it under running water for approximately 60 to 90 seconds.

I dedicated it by saying “I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all may it be used in light and love” while holding it in my right hand over a light source.

I then programmed the Blood Stone to regulate the circulation of blood in his leg; I gave the Crystal to him to hold. To my surprise he instantly felt tingling in his fingers and a slight throbbing.

He had this Crystal for three days, which I cleansed and dedicated and programmed again everyday, it did relieve some of the pain however it didn’t seem to make a difference to the colour or sensitivity to his leg or the long term pain.

I then tried Hematite which I cleansed and dedicated, as before. I then programmed it to restore and strengthen the blood supply to his leg.

I this time placed it beside his leg just touching.

(By this stage almost 8 weeks had gone by and still no answers from
the doctors)

I got my son to just sit quietly and told him to try and visualize the crystal helping him. I left him to it so he could just relax.

It was approximately 10 minutes later when to my amazement his leg was a normal colour, not purple?

He then tried walking on it, it still hurt quite a lot but he was able to put it on the floor and was standing on it.

He managed to take about 10 steps. His leg remained normal for at least 30 minutes, at which time he said “I feel like you need to clean it again, it’s stopped working”.

I then cleansed it, dedicated it and programmed it just as before. As I was cleansing the Hematite his leg went back to being purple again.

Again after ten minutes of giving him the Hematite his leg went back to normal and this time he surprised me by walking around the house and pain free! I continued to cleanse, dedicate and program the Hematite as often as my son needed it to. The next few days were the most amazing days of my life as I watched my son walk, run and play with his sister like nothing was ever wrong. While he had the Hematite he was fine and as soon as it needed to be cleansed you immediately saw his leg return to purple and the pain would return, however always less intense every time.

I was still taking him to doctor as well as all of this and they still had no answers.

After more research I found that if I also gave him a Clear Quartz with the Hematite that it would amplify the healing properties of the Hematite.

I cleansed, dedicated and programmed the Crystals separately.

I programmed the Clear Quartz to bring the body back into balance.

I gave my son these two Crystals for the next week.

Within the first two minutes of him holding them he felt no pain and his leg was normal again. Within that week he was able to do everything he wanted to do, even running and kicking a soccer ball, he was even able to return back to school.

He was back at school for 5 weeks when the doctors wanted to do a nerve conduction test on him. He had the test done and they couldn’t find anything wrong but were fairly sure that he did have a nerve problem.

To this day my husband and I are amazed and astounded at the healing properties of crystals and use them on a daily basis with our children and are introducing the rest of our families to the wonder and amazement of these wonderful healing stones.

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