Crystal Healing Dissertation - Selfhealing and Meditation

by Gina Maybury

Healing layout including specific layout used; why used; crystals used; general healing session and result.

I recently attended a guided meditation based on the “loving-kindness meditation” of the Buddhist tradition of insight meditation loosely based on the type of meditation described at:

During this meditation we were asked to first send a blessing to ourselves, and then send it to four different individuals, using the following blessing: “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe”.

We were to first send this mantra of loving-kindness to ourselves, and then to a spiritual teacher, a close friend or family member, a neutral person, and finally a difficult or hostile person.

I found this exercise to be very powerful, but left feeling that it might be more effective if I used the power of the crystals to amplify my intent, as well as each of the qualities I was sending with the blessing: happiness, health, peace, and safety. That is why I have chosen this self-healing project for the final dissertation in this course. I felt that the stronger these feelings were in my own body, the more effective the blessings I sent would be.

I first planned to use the Balancing and Harmonising Layout on page 47 in the materials provided for this course, in order to prepare my body to receive the crystal energies and then in turn, use them to amplify the blessings I would be sending out. I was going to use two single-terminated clear quartz points; one at my feet pointed toward my head, and one at the crown with the terminated end pointing toward my feet, as instructed in the manual.

I was going to leave these in place, and then just add on the additional stones for happiness, health, peace and safety after feeling that my body was balanced. However, in looking through the layouts provided, I felt that the qualities I was looking for and the stones I planned to use actually covered most if not all of the chakra points. So in the end I decided to add the chakra balancing layout provided for us on page 50.

I do not have an extensive crystal collection, so I used the stones I had available to me. I might have made other choices if I was just planning this exercise and not actually performing a self-healing.

I used a single-terminated Clear Quartz crystal at the feet.(as per layout on page 47) with the terminated end pointed toward the crown. Clear Quartz is particularly appropriate for this project because according to our materials on page 63, Quartz is “the greatest of all healing stones”, and health is one of the 4 qualities I am blessing others with in this project. Later in that same paragraph it also says that Clear Quartz “harmonizes and balances” and is a “powerfully protective stone” which makes it appropriate for the other blessings of peace, and safety that I am sending as well.

I chose Smoky Quartz as the grounding stone to place at ankle level (as per the Chakra Layout on pg 50). It is an appropriate stone because according to the description on pg 64 of our materials it “lifts depression”, “brings calm” and “generally removes negative energies, bringing happiness”. Further, it states that Smoky Quartz is a “protective stone, particularly for physical protection, protection from negativity and psychic protection”. So this stone covers all 4 of the qualities I am looking for: happiness, peace & calm, safety, as well as health as it is supposed to be “helpful for kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues, water retention.”

I used 3x Red Jasper, one on the pubic bone, and on either side of the top of the leg just below the hip, as instructed for the 1st Chakra stone. I chose this stone primarily to enhance the blessing I am sending
to others that they be ‘safe’, as this is “said to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival and assist in protection and rescue from danger” in our materials (page 60).

For the 2nd Chakra stone I used Carnelian as our materials state (pg 58) that it is a “general healing stone” and “like all agates, it has protection energies”. So this stone too, speaks to the blessings of health and safety that I am sending both to myself and to others.

The 3rd Chakra stone I chose was Orange Calcite. It is really an yellow-orange, sun-colored stone. One of my other crystal books referred to it as the ‘happy stone’, so it is perfect for amplifying the happiness I am wishing myself and others.

For the 4th Chakra I chose Rose Quartz and Jade , following the advice in the materials to use both a green and a pink stone for the Heart Chakra. According to our materials (pg 64. “Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It “promotes self-loving as well as promoting peace”. It is also a stone of forgiveness, which is part of this loving-kindness meditation as well. Jade, according to the materials (pg 73) “promotes peace” and “soothes, heals and balances” so seems to be a perfect addition to this collection.

For the 5th chakra, the Blue Lace Agate seems to be a logical choice, since our materials tell us that it works to ‘harmonize the spirit’ and ‘engenders tranquility’. (pg 58) It is also a healing stone, and a protective stone, and “has been used to perform miracles”, so it adds to the peace and health and safety in the blessing I am sending.

The 6th Chakra provided a number of choices. I was tempted to take the easy choice and use amethyst, which would have been perfectly appropriate. However, I have only one piece of Chrysocolla, and it is in the shape of a small pyramid, which will create a larger field. The materials (pg 58) indicate that it works with the 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras, and I chose it because “it is a stone of harmony, both on a universal level and a very specific level.” which ties in beautifully with the blessing that wishes peace for myself and others—inner harmony and global harmony.

For the 7th Chakra I again used the single terminated Clear Quartz as indicated in the first paragraph of this section.

I performed this self-healing layout on myself on my massage table. I first balanced with the 2 x single terminated Clear Quartz for approximately 10 minutes, and then added the chakra stones for another 15 minutes. This was about the same amount of time that we did this loving-kindness guided meditation without stones. I used the mantra: May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe as I blessed myself, and the people I had chosen before hand. I found that unlike in the previous meditation other people showed up for the blessing. I found that I experienced the energies more strongly in my body, both from the stones themselves, and from the interaction with the mantra. I felt more happy, peaceful, healthy and safe. I felt that I could project that to others with more confidence. I felt blissful. I felt calm, but energized. I had never used most of these stones on or near my body before. I felt... clear, centered aligned, balanced and grounded... and empowered? I’m not quite sure that is the right word, but it’s close.

I probably never would have tried this, if I had not taken your course. I felt this experiment was a huge success for me, and I can’t wait to do it again, and experiment further! Thank you for the opportunity.

Gina Maybury

This Crystal Self-Healing Course is available at: "Know and Heal Yourself - Crystal Healing Course"

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