Law of Attraction
- Power of Emotion -

The Law of Attraction has gained a lot of exposure since the release of the movie, "The Secret".

Oprah's endorsement hasn't hurt any either and even though many people have begun to explore the Universal Law of Attraction for themselves, hoping to attain all they desire in their lives, many have been successful yet somehow for many others AND YOU MAY BE ONE OF THEM success in applying this law is ever elusive and you still feel that something is missing BEING KEPT A SECRET, so to speak.

The Secret Revealed

Always remember that emotion is the end-result of vibrational energy being sent out ... it's a great way to put yourself into LOA mode ...

One of the most powerful aspects of the Law of Attraction is ... its focus on emotion or feelings as a key mode of experiencing the world; the Law of Attraction teachings often speak of your "emotional guidance system" and the primary point of this is that your emotions provide you with a valuable source of information.

"Emotions are the "Creative Seed" that determine your experiences in your day to day life" ~ Chuck Danes ~
Keys to the Law of Attraction

Your emotions (feelings) are quite literally the driving force, or the seed, that attracts or grows into, the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your life on a day to day basis the Law of Attraction at work.

The emotions that you experience and the feelings that you feel are the determining factor as to how each and every one of your life events unfold and are brought into physical existence.

You are so much more than what you see here in your physical body the visible you.

It' my life - Bon Jovi

For while you are, indeed, a wondrous physical creator, however you exist, simultaneously, in another dimension, there is a part of you, the Non-Physical the invisible you - your Inner Being - that has and always will exist, it exists right now while you are here in this physical body.

Your emotions are your physical indication of your relationship with your Inner Being the invisible you.

Emotions are your spiritual language, your reaction to thought, and it is primarily through emotions that you create your life.

Society has taught its people that emotions are a weakness, and emotional expression is devalued.

Emotional knowledge and understanding is a tremendous strength, as well as the driving force behind the Law of Attraction hence the creation of an abundant or lacking life. It is therefore time to relinquish such dictates and be who we truly are.

Emotional Language

The use of emotional language begins developing in childhood, and develops through exploration and expression.

By paying attention to your emotions, you become clear about your point of attraction.

In other words, as you are focused upon a subject you have your own specific perspective and opinion about it. Your Inner Being the invisible you - is also focused upon it and has a perspective and opinion about it. The emotions that you feel are your indication of the match or mismatch of those opinions.

Thought = Energy in motion = E-motion

With every thought, energy moves and is expressed by your body as emotion.

The Purpose of our Emotions

By being aware of your emotions you will understand your thoughts which are continually manifesting your life experiences.

Are you attracting from a positive, connected, intentional state, or are you attracting by default, from a negative, resistant state?

YES . . . Even the so-called "negative" emotions provide you with powerful guidance:

  • When you are feeling angry, depressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed, these emotions are a clear indicators that you are disconnected from your Inner Being the invisible you.
  • When you are feeling emotions on the lower end of the emotional spectrum, you are, most likely, attracting more unwanted things into your life.

Therefore when you know where your point of attraction is, you can begin to take steps to consciously raise your point of attraction up the emotional scale.

This being true one of the ultimate methods you can use to apply the required emotion to attract what you desire within the realms of The Law of Attraction is hypnosis, now STOP -

I know a lot of people have an immediate negative reaction to the word, but before you turn away have a look here and see for yourself what hypnotism is all about and how it can help you work with the Law of Attraction.

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