Joining Criteria - Link Exchange

Website Requirements:

  • Your website's content has to be directly related to the category(ies) to which it is submitted.
  • The content of a website is of a high standard and information orientated.
  • The website must have a reciprocal link to Healing Journeys Energy Homepage or any of the reciprocal links on the Reciprocal Links Page.
  • Services and/or information offered on a website are accessible to all across the globe.
  • Your link pages must link from your Home Page as a link page in other words they must be tier 2 pages.
  • You may submit your website to as many categories as appropriate, but only once per category.
  • For each category you want a listing, a link must be reciprocated to us in other words if you wish to submit to 3 categories, then you must give us 3 reciprocal links from your website.
  • Your description must be 250 words or less and in paragraph form.

A website will NOT be considered for the exchange program if:

  • Websites promote hatred, prejudice, bigotry, profanity, violence, drugs or anything along those lines.
  • A website contains unacceptable adult content (this excludes beautiful art such as the statue of Venus or David).
  • The links pages on the website are clearly not designed to help visitors find the reciprocal link or the link on your home page to your links pages is way down at the bottom and in very small text.
  • Your links pages does NOT link from your home page.
  • The reciprocal link is on an FFA (Free for All) page or you flag the webpage or reciprocal link as "no index, no follow".
  • Websites are notorious for unethical practices.

If your site meets the above criteria go to the Links Exchange page. Final decision regarding submissions are at the discernment of Healing Journeys Energy.

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